Best Laptop For Nursing Students & School 2023 Practitioners

Best Laptops For Nursing Students

Nursing students are loaded with all kinds of tasks daily, from random reports to capstone projects, exams, and of course, these stressful lectures, which is probably the reason why you’re after a laptop. It’s all about the exams. In this article, you will learn about the 10 Best Laptops For Nursing Students.

It’s possible to read chapters of nursing ebook textbooks on your computer if you have one.  Nursing student requires budget laptops for note-taking, homework assignments, and online exams. As nurses spend so much time in front of screens. Moreover, the students in nursing programs are generally required to have their laptops.

10 Best Laptops For Nursing Students And Nurse Practitioner – Review

we will put it at the end of this article. Rather than go into all the laptops and all the reasons why you should pick these, we will go straight to the ten best laptops for nursing students and nursing school as of 2023.

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ProductNameDescriptionCheck Price
Microsoft Surface Pro 7

  • Display: 12.3 Inches
  • Weight: ‎1.7 Pounds
  • Dimensions:‎11.5 x 7.9 x 0.33 inches
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Microsoft Surface 3

  • Display: 13.5 Inches
  • Weight: ‎3.4 Pounds
  • Dimensions:‎‎13.5 x 2 x 10 inches
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ASUS VivoBook S15

  • Display: 15.6 Inches
  • Weight: ‎3.5 Pounds
  • Dimensions:‎14.1 x 9.1 x 0.7 inches
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ASUS ZenBook

  • Display: 14 Inches
  • Weight: ‎2.6 Pounds
  • Dimensions:‎12.6 x 8.2 x 0.5 inches
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Acer Aspire E-15

  • Display: 15.6 Inches
  • Weight: ‎3.97 Pounds
  • Dimensions:‎‎14.31 x 9.74 x 0.71 inches
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Dell XPS 13

  • Display: 13.3 Inches
  • Weight: ‎2.93 Pounds
  • Dimensions:‎‎11.7 x 8.2 x 0.5 inches
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LG Gram 15

  • Display: 15.6 Inches
  • Weight: ‎2.4 Pounds
  • Dimensions:‎14.1 x 9 x 0.7 inches
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Acer Swift 3

  • Display: 14 Inches
  • Weight: ‎2.65 Pounds
  • Dimensions:‎‎12.73 x 8.62 x 0.63 inches
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HP Pavilion x360

  • Display: 14 Inches
  • Weight: ‎3.5 Pounds
  • Dimensions:‎‎12.76 x 8.78 x 0.81 inches
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Google PixelBook Go

  • Display: 13.3 Inches
  • Weight: ‎2.33 Pounds
  • Dimensions:‎0.57 x 12.25 x 8.12 inches
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1- Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Best Computer For Nursing School


Lightweight Laptop For Nursing Students

  • Display: ‎‎‎‎‎12.3 Inches
  • RAM: ‎4 GB DDR3L
  • Storage: ‎‎128 GB flash_memory_solid_state


  • Upgrade your hardware in many ways

  • Long amazing battery life

  • Durable and Portable

  • Separate purchase of keyboard required

  • Not compatible with some software.


Surface Pro 7 is the first product in the best laptops for nursing students and nursing school list that features an all-day extented battery life,  graphics, Instant On, and more multitasking connections for better performance at work, at home, or while you are nursing. Surface Pro 7 seamlessly switches between laptop, tablet, and portable studio modes. To complete your experience, let the Surface Type Cover and Surface Pen bring you the ultimate convenience.

The Surface device usually lasts 10.5 hours on a full charge based on typical usage. In September 2019, Microsoft conducted an evaluation with preproduction software running on preproduction hardware equipped with an Intel Core i5, 256GB enough storage space, and 8 GB RAM.

A number of hardware improvements have been made to the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, as well as its long battery life. Other, less expensive Microsoft products have a smudgier screen and a worse viewing angle. Testing consisted of both active and standby operations with the battery life discharged to its full capacity.

You can enjoy powerful Windows laptop features at an exceptional value with Surface Pro 7 for consumers, which comes with Windows 10 Home. Managing your business and creating security policies with Windows 10 Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for Business could be helpful.


2- Microsoft Surface 3 – Best For Nursing Students


Best Laptop For Nursing Students

  • Display:5 Inches
  • RAM: 8 GB LPDDR4
  • Storage: ‎128 GB flash memory solid state


  • Portable

  • Long-lasting

  • Longevity

  • Themodern slim and light design

  • Thunderbolt 3 cannot be used with it


Swift 3 has become a personal favorite of our professionals. The perfect balance between power, price, and transportation must be maintained.

In addition to a high-end CPU, It also supports AMD Radeon GPUs. AMD processors have been criticized as being too hot so that some people may avoid them altogether. Heat doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Swift 3.

The Intel Core i9 has eight cores, making it the most powerful processor available today.  You should be aware of this when running applications such as SkyScape, Caliber, and more. Nurse interns will find it easier to navigate and accomplish professional tasks.

In addition, an 8 GB onboard memory allows for efficient multitasking. Due to these amazing features, our experts enlist it in the list of best laptops for nursing. Additionally, a 512GB NVMe-compatible SSD module offers storage-centric support. Operating system like this is viral. With moderate usage, the long battery life will last nearly 11 hours. When it comes to price, functionality takes the cake.


3- ASUS VivoBook S15 – Good Laptops For Nursing Students


Best Laptops For College Nursing Students


  • Display: ‎‎‎‎15.6 Inches
  • RAM: ‎8 GB DDR4
  • Storage: ‎1 TB Flash Memory Solid State


  • ASUS VivoBook is a highly functional and modern laptop.

  • It has a lot of storage space.

  • It is easily portable.

  • Full hd display

  • It is an expensive laptop.


An amazing laptop like the ASUS VivoBook S15 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a portable laptop. Intel Core i5 processor powers this lightweight laptop. It is a perfect choice for customers because of its sleek and slim design.

In addition to keeping dimensions to a minimum, the NanoEdge display has a smaller footprint. There is still an HD camera on the top of the bezel despite the ultra-slim bezel.  Slate Grey works well for an understated style, or transparent silver for a trendy, sleek look. This Peacock Blue changes from different perspectives allowing you to set the trend. You stand out when you play Coral Crush.

A full HD screen is provided on this outstanding nursing computer. It is easier to type on the keyboard because it works smoothly. Also, the ASUS VivoBook has a good amount of storage space.

The best laptops for nursing students and nursing school can be hard to find, but with ASUS VivoBook S15, you won’t have to worry about anything. Not only that but with large storage capacity, files can be downloaded as well as stored. Because of this, the ASUS VivoBook is a great nursing student laptop.


4- ASUS ZenBook – Cheap Laptops For Nursing Student


Best Laptop For Nursing Students 

  • Display: 14 Inches
  • RAM: ‎‎8 GB LPDDR4
  • Storage: 512 GB Flash Memory Solid State


  • There are 8GB of RAM in the ASUS ZenBook.

  • Budget friendly

  • Last longer

  • An impressive processor powers ZenBook.

  • Sometimes causes an issue when used for a longer time.


The ASUS ZenBook is also very popular with nursing student. The nursing laptop makes it easier to store essential files and do your job more productively. It’s benefitted many people, and it’ll help you as well if you get the ASUS ZenBook.

This notebook is perfect for people on the go, thanks to its easy-to-use design and on-the-go lifestyle. New and improved, the ZenBook 14 has improved portability.  The device is thinner, lighter, less bulky, yet it comes with HDMI, Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, USB Type-A, and MicroSD card reader, making it an all-in-one device.

Screens won’t get frozen on notebooks. ASUS ZenBook offers these benefits, among others. Its durability ensures your computer is protected. Even when storing heavy files on the nursing laptop, the new ASUS ZenBook is designed to function smoothly. A design feature of the ASUS ZenBook is another big reason for its popularity.

This nursing laptop is powered by the ZenBook processor, which ensures smooth operation. As well as being very affordable, this is an excellent option for nursing student who is looking to buy a nursing laptop. An 8th generation processor comes with the ASUS. The complete full HD display makes this nursing laptop extremely affordable.


5- Acer Aspire E-15 – Best Nursing School Laptop


Best Laptop For Nursing School


  • Display: ‎15.6 Inches
  • RAM: ‎‎‎4 GB DDR4
  • Storage: 128 GB Flash Memory Solid State


  • Laptops come with good processors.

  • A decent nursing laptop at a great price.

  • Provides decent storage.

  • The display looks good.

  • It is heavy to carry around.


You should go for the Acer Aspire E-15 if you want a nursing laptop that fits perfectly into your budget. In addition to good performance, it has a powerful processor. Because this nursing computer is heavy, it will be tricky to transport it.

The Acer Aspire E-15 is laptop ideal for people who don’t mind carrying around a heavy laptop. The Core i3 processor is built into this nursing laptop.  Due to this, it is primarily designed to be used by men.

The AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Mobile Processor in this Aspire 5 will handle the most complex tasks. With the Aspire 5, you get everything you need for everyday computing. Aspire 5 has a powerful AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Mobile Processor and Radeon Vega 3 dedicated graphics card to deliver exceptional performance.

There are better storage options, but this will work perfectly for clinical work and nursing students and nursing school. A 6GB RAM is provided to users. There are different configurations available for the ACER Aspire E-15, depending on which arrangements suit your needs.


6- Dell XPS 13 7390 – Top Laptops For Nursing Student


Good Laptop For Nursing Students

  • Display: ‎‎13.3 Inches
  • RAM: ‎16 GB LPDDR3
  • Storage: ‎1 TB


  • The tenth-generation processor

  • Outstanding sunlight visibility on a sharp display

  • Speakers with amplifiers

  • SSD with 1TB of storage

  • Multi-Touch capabilities

  • 6G wireless internet

  • Thunderbolt 3 compatibility

  • Gaming not recommended

  • It’s expensive


Considering a large amount of storage space for academic research papers, the significant amount of system memory, and the brightest display available in the retail space, Dell’s XPS 13 7390 is probably the most productive notebook on our list.

A Core i7-10710U processor powers this Dell  lighter laptop. Nonetheless, its turbo-clocked speed is still 4.7GHz. Skyscape, the PEPID nursing suite, Mendeley and Calibre can all be used on the work 10th gen processor without any issues.

Additionally, Windows 10 Home OS will work with almost every nursing software and app. It can handle casual online gaming as well as medical illustrations by retaining the rendering quality. InfinityEdge support allows Dell XPS 7390 to display a 13.3-inch screen size despite an 11-inch chassis.

The screen-to-body ratio is almost 81 percent, making it appear larger than expected.  During resource-intensive tasks, Dell’s processor utilizes 16GB of system memory. One terabyte of storage is enormous, fast, and capable of storing a lot of data.

Furthermore, sRGB is 100 percent accurate, ensuring exceptional levels of color accuracy. As well as antireflective properties, Dell products are also more visible in direct sunlight.

In addition to the backlit keyboard, the HD webcam makes seamless online learning possible. Additionally, Dell’s durable aluminum-clad chassis and powerful speakers also feature Waves MaxxAudio Pro enhancement.

There’s no doubt that this is one of the most portable nursing student laptop   around because of the 12-hour battery life backup. The thin and light XPS 13 7390 weighs just 2.93 pounds. Even though the laptop is sleek, it offers two Thunderbolt 3 ports, a Type-C port, and other functional outputs. The XPS 13’s support for Wi-Fi 6 makes it possible to connect to the internet even faster.


7- LG Gram 15 – Best For Nurse Practitioner


Top Laptop For Nursing Students

  • Display: ‎‎‎15.6 Inches
  • RAM: ‎‎8 GB DDR4
  • Storage: ‎‎512 GB Flash Memory Solid State


  • The tenth generation chipset

  • Decent battery life as long as possible

  • The keyboard that works well

  • Wireless 6 compatibility

  • Display with vibrancy

  • Nursing interns may find 8GB RAM restrictive.

  • The lack of support for Thunderbolt 3


In a hospital setting, you may have to carry your device where battery refills are not always feasible due to the demands. It’s here that the LG Gram 15 shines with its powerful battery.

Even the most advanced nursing software solution and nursing applications will run smoothly on the existing single-core processor. As far as processing performance is concerned, the Gram 13 is powered by a 4.2GHz Intel Core i5-10210U processor. Also, The Intel HD graphics support guarantees exceptional visuals, especially in terms of illustrations.

The result is that you can handle any volume of patient data, accounting detail, or drug interaction sheet without slowing the system down. LG has 8GB of system memory to support multitasking needs. Despite this, 15.6-inch LCD screen size is more of a standard in terms of display.

The 512GB in-memory SSD module never feels limited when storing files, spreadsheets, and data. A friendly and intuitive interface makes Windows 10 Home edition ideal for nursing students and professionals alike, right out of the box. Typical LG features include a backlit keyboard, integrated webcam, fingerprint scanner, available microphones, precise touchpad, and 1.5W speakers.

The IPS LCD panel amazing features a 1920 x 1080 pixel display resolution and superior color accuracy.  Additionally, It weighs only 2.4 pounds, making it one of the slimmest devices available in retail.

The relatively small profile conceals many infrastructures for connecting external devices and transferring files, including USB Type-C, HDMI, and USB 3.0. It supports Wi-Fi 6 as well as Bluetooth 5 standards. A key feature is a long-lasting battery, lasting up to 21 hours after just one charge.

Overall, the LG Gram 15 doesn’t possess staggering power or heft, but the sturdy design and ‘day-long battery’ attribute make it appealing for educational use.


8- Acer Swift 3 – Best Budget Laptop For Nursing Students


Best Budget Laptop For Nursing Students


  • Display: ‎‎‎‎14 Inches
  • RAM: ‎8 GB LPDDR4
  • Weight: ‎2.65 pounds


  • An extended-life battery

  • A decent arrangement of ports

  • Storage that is NVMe-compliant

  • Scanning fingerprints

  • Easily transportable and lightweight

  • Heavy usage causes it to heat up a bit

  • There is no support for Thunderbolt 3


The Acer Swift 3 is the perfect tablet for nurses who need to run software like Skyscape, Calibre, and more without any hassle. Its price, power, and portability make it great laptop. Among the cores on offer from Acer is the octa-core AMD Ryzen 7 4700U processor, which has a boosted speed of 4.1GHz.

The Intel Core i9 processor uses eight cores, making it one of the most powerful processors currently available. You also get adequate graphics support from AMD Radeon, along with this high-performance processor. Navigating and completing professional tasks are made easier for nursing interns with Windows 10 Home Edition.

In addition, an 8 GB onboard memory allows for efficient multitasking. As for storage support, it can be accommodated by the 512GB NVMe SSD module.  Furthermore,  nursing students and professionals will likely find the screen real estate at 14 inches perfect.

Moreover, You can easily create and type in low-light conditions when you have a backlit keyboard at your disposal. Resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels further improves color accuracy and clarity. An LED-backlit display panel complements the IPS panel.

The Wi-Fi 6 card supports faster internet connections thanks to its speedier Wi-Fi 6 technology. Alexa compatibility is another underrated but essential productivity feature. Besides an HD webcam, It comes with microphones, a smooth trackpad, and a nifty fingerprint scanner. Moreover, the Swift 3 also sports an HD webcam.

You can expect to get 11 hours or more of battery life, depending on how you use it. The overall performance of this great laptop, most known for its advanced processor, is unmatched for its price range. Only 2.65 pounds weigh the ultrathin, metal-clad chassis. Whatever the chassis, Acer features numerous ports, including Type-C, DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB charging.


9- HP Pavilion x360 – Best Portable Laptop For College


Best Touchscreen Laptop For Nursing Students

  • Display: ‎‎‎‎14 Inches
  • RAM: ‎8 GB DDR4
  • Weight: ‎3.5 pounds


  • Outstanding display

  • A touchscreen with a responsive design

  • The ability to charge swiftly

  • A backlit keyboard that is exceptional

  • A new kind of webcam

  • Processing power is a little low

  • Overestimated


You might want to consider the HP Pavilion x360 if you want an affordable convertible from a reliable brand. Performance-wise, the Intel Core i5-1035G1 CPU won’t be a game-changer.

The Pavilion x360 is equipped with 8GB of system memory, which is not upgradeable so that you can handle multitasking with no problems. Nevertheless, 3.6GHz turbo clock speed is adequate for nursing assignments, PDFs, and visual resources. Casual online games can be played smoothly with Intel HD graphics.

A backlit display, gesture-compatible touchpad, Wide Vision webcam, and two studio-grade microphones are also included. Moreover, the speakers are high-fidelity Bang and Olufsen’s. Storage space is ample with a 512GB SSD. With Windows 10 Home, this convertible notebook offers enhanced user experiences.

Featuring a 14-inch touchscreen display with micro-edge bezels, this screen is all about clarity. With a 1920 x 1080 resolution, the IPS panel is multi-touch capable. In addition to that, A 360-degree hinge and close to 3.50 pounds characterize the Pavilion x360. The touchscreen display of this perfect laptop is really helpful for nursing staff to attach it with external devices.

A vital feature of the hourglass hinge is that it enhances the durability of the gadget. There are two Type-C slots, one USB 3.0 port and one HDMI port. Additionally, Wi-Fi 6 support guarantees a fast and stable Internet connection.

HP offers nearly 10 hours of great battery life backup despite additional features like Alexa compatibility and BIOS protection. In summary, the Pavilion x360 is our pick for the best 2-in-1 gadget for affordability and functionality.


10- Google PixelBook Go – Best For College Nursing Students


Best Chromebook For Nursing Students

  • Display: ‎‎‎‎13.3 Inches
  • RAM: ‎8 GB
  • Weight: ‎2.33 pounds


  • An extended-life battery

  • Security features built-in

  • The ability to charge swiftly

  • RAM of a decent size

  • Keyboard hush

  • Storage restrictions

  • Apps can’t be run on the device


The Intel Core i5-8200Y might not look like much, but it’s plenty powerful for Chromebooks. For cloud-based patient data management, a PixelBook Go might be the best option. Turbo clock speeds of 3.9GHz make the chipset capable of handling SaaS software modules and remote applications with adequate support by the system memory.

In terms of casual online gaming, Intel HD 615 is the perfect match. Testing conducted by experts showed that 8GB of RAM would run at least four 1080p videos online and more than 30 chrome tabs simultaneously on a single computer.

Compared to other Chromebooks that support eMMC, the PixelBook Go’s 128GB SSD is a significant advantage.Nursing school and nursing students who prefer to scour online resources might find Chrome OS limited, but it’s an excellent software option. With this gadget, you can enjoy a glossy, full-HD screen in 1080p resolution.

Touch panels further accentuate productivity while ensuring decent sunlight visibility. This Chromebook has a surprisingly high color gamut with 108 percent sRGB coverage. PixelBook Go features the Hush keyboard, which has decent essential travel, and some innovative specs.

Additionally, you get a spacious touchpad, 1080p webcam, and good microphones. The 2.3-pound device is incredibly portable, weighing just over a pound. Chromebooks come with a Titan C chipset that ensures a safe startup.

The device offers two Type-C ports plus an exceptional wireless standard and Instant Tethering. You still get 12 hours of great battery life, despite the high-end specifications. In general, the PixelBook Go is the gadget you should consider if you plan on doing most of your academic work online.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apple MacBook Air good for nursing students?

Nursing students will find the Apple MacBook Air to be lightweight, portable, and powerful. The battery will last you all day long while you are in class. A 13-inch screen comes with the MacBook Air, which is lightweight and easily portable.

How much RAM do you need for nursing school?

At least 8 gigabytes of memory is required for the Windows operating system. The computer must have a hard drive with a capacity of 250 GB and no less than 500 GB.

Is 128 GB enough for nursing school?

Nursing students should have access to a great laptop with 128 GB of RAM. A multi-tasking processor memory may be sufficient for them in place of dedicated graphics RAM, as computer students do not.

Final Words

We have summed up the best laptops for nursing students and described every spot of them. You must not worry about the above-listed product because each product is tested by the experts. If you still have any questions in your mind, ask in the comment section, Our team will surely entertain you ASAP.

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