How Long Should A Laptop Last 2023 [Average LifeSpan Of PC]

how long should a laptop last

Whenever a laptop starts to slow down or shows early signs of trouble, it’s tempting to start looking for a replacement online. In business, it is important to take several factors into account before upgrading a PC. Even adding one machine to a fleet can add up, especially when you have a fleet of several devices. Today we describe How Long Should a Laptop Last in deep detail.

Before that, the question arises: does your laptop make life easier? Among the most popular types of technology, laptops are one of them and it is not hard to see why! With this device, you can use it for working, playing, communicating, and so much more. We know this feeling from those of you who have watched Netflix movies on your phone or typed reports using the on-screen tablet keyboard. The possibility is there, but it isn’t so comfortable!

How Long Should A Laptop Last

You can tell how long your laptop will last by how much you spend on it. There is one important thing to realize. Most believe the cap applies to the rule. Laptops that cost under $700 can last for two to four years, laptops that cost between $700 and $1,000 can last for five years, and laptops that cost more than $1,000 can last up to seven years. Laptops are costing upwards of $5,000! If you spend over $1,500 on a laptop, you may get better features and a longer charge-up time, but your laptop will not last as long.

Difference Between Laptop Types?

There are many different types of laptops on the market, so the price may differ depending on your choice. A laptop’s hardware can be affected upon by its different uses, which can wear it down.

When you play computer games or edit videos and do graphic design for a long time, your laptop might not last as long. In contrast, if you spend the money on a heavy gaming laptop and only use it for work-related activities, or if you’re content with low graphics settings, you may be able to live up to your expectations. The main types of laptops that you can purchase are described here, along with their price and lifespan.

Consumer Laptops

The consumer laptop is your basic, everyday laptop used at home for everything from checking email to streaming videos. Though they are often the least expensive option, they can last as long as business laptops or gaming laptops. Their hardware is not as high-end as their business-focused cousins, simply because they are intended for light usage.

More recently, Chromebooks, which run on Chrome OS with extremely long battery lives, have made lightweight, affordable laptops within even tight budgets. Here is an example of a Chromebook with better than 20 hours of battery life.

Laptops usually come with a one-year warranty, but you may extend it if you wish. Most consumer laptops can last about 3 years if they are treated well. You can extend the lifespan of your laptop by following our tips and tricks.

Business Laptops

A business laptop is precise as it sounds. It is a type of laptop that you can use for various business functions. The warranty on these laptops is usually three years, making them more reliable than consumer laptops. There’s a good chance your headphones have reinforced casings to handle wear and tear and the occasional bump. The overheating rate might also decrease if they’re continuously used.

Buying a laptop for your business will probably set you back a bit more money and can often cost more than $3,000. Three of the best business laptops in 2023 have been selected after analyzing some of their models. Choosing a Mac, a Microsoft Surface, or an HP is also possible if you have substantial brand loyalty.

Gaming Laptops

The topic of gaming laptops requires a different dialogue. In addition to being heavier, more robust, and costing more, gaming laptops are usually pricier. The latest games will only run smoothly on a mid-range gaming laptop if you upgrade it after a few years. If you invest the money, you can expect that a gaming laptop will perform well for about five years at most.

What are the Signs My Laptop is On the Way Out?

Nevertheless, some people keep their laptops for dear life, and they continue to use them far after others would throw them out. Before we discuss what you can do to extend the life of your newest laptop, let’s explore what we call an old laptop. An MSP or an IT pro will understand that these are certainly signs that it is time to upgrade from that laptop or entire office suite of machines.

Compatibility Problems

There can be a lot of variance in the claims made by different companies in less expensive laptops, making it tough to replace them without causing errors. To improve the performance or speed of the laptop, you might encounter compatibility problems when replacing certain parts. You may upgrade the RAM and switch to a solid-state drive as a simple fix. In addition, you might encounter software compatibility problems related to operating systems or software versions. This page allows you to check compatible operating systems on Windows and Mac to know which laptops can be updated.

Loud fans

It also doesn’t include anyone watching you dream of playing basketball. The fan running very loudly is often one of the first signs that a laptop has reached the end of its life. This situation is even more concerning when you are not running any intensive computer programs in the background.

Slow processes

You can expect your laptop to slow down over time. You may experience slow loading of web pages, failure to open applications, or difficulty starting up or shutting down your laptop just in general. Your old hardware might struggle, especially when you’re running the latest applications. Your laptop’s performance gradually slows down over time, so make sure you test it once every six months or so.


There are accidents, and even the most expensive laptops can require repairs that are too costly to warrant. It is easy for your laptop to break when it is dropped, knocked, spilled, or even cold pressure is applied. Be careful!

Weird Behavior

A laptop that crashes frequently has a flashing screen or has problems when multitasking is overworked and won’t handle regular tasks. Your web browser will most likely display this when you switch between tabs or move between applications. You might solve this without replacing the laptop by adjusting the RAM, but you need to remember about compatibility issues! It is common for this to happen when you use the laptop to perform work tasks.

Can I Fix These Problems?

You may not have much control over these problems if your laptop is nearing its end. Nevertheless, you may want to try a few of these ideas:

You should reduce the amount of background programs running. Moreover, You can repair errors and clear disk space by using Windows Disk Management or Apple Disk Utility.

In addition to that, You should watch out for high temperatures in the battery and moisture, both of which can make your problems worse. You can reduce the harmful effect of this by adjusting your system preferences.

Battery Life

The battery life is the most important factor to consider when purchasing this product. The key to ensuring the longevity of your laptop is to keep it well-maintained.

Your laptop’s battery life starts to decrease once you have owned it for between 1 and 2 years. It is always advisable to let your laptop run out entirely before recharging it more often, as this will reduce the chance of damaging it. Different programs will deplete your laptop’s battery life in different ways, but you don’t want to change how you use the laptop to extend its life. We recommend implementing these tips instead of arguing for a streaming ban.

  • You must reduce your screen brightness. You’ll feel good about it, too!
  • Screen time-out is now 1 minute instead of 5 minutes.
  • Keep your open programs to a minimum.
  • Reduce the number of tabs you have open!
  • You can skip the Wi-Fi if you are not using it.
  • You can reduce the possibility of overheating by using a cooling mat.
  • Avoid using the device speakers and opt for your headphones.
  • If you have just charged your laptop, make sure you unplug it.

You should check into this before purchasing a laptop because some don’t offer a replaceable battery. If you can replace the battery easily when your laptop dies, you’ll help yourself avoid this problem.

How Can I Make My Laptop Last Longer?

To summarize, taking better care of your laptop will extend its lifespan. A laptop can usually last between seven and ten years, which is the upper limit of its lifespan. Despite this, you could find that the software is exhibiting some odd behavior or that its performance is more unsatisfactory than it once was.

In addition to that, Always follow the process for updating and patching for security and compatibility. You might be able to extend the lifespan of your laptop, though, if most of your laptops don’t last longer than 2-3 years.

Be careful with it:

It should not be left in direct sunlight, you should not consume liquids around it, you should keep it clean, do not block airflow, don’t smoke around it, and you should not leave it plugged in all the time. You must also careful from dropping  while traveling it to one place to other.

Keep it clean:

There is more to this than just parts and a screen. You should periodically go through your applications and files and remove anything unnecessary. Downloads are also empty, as is the recycle bin.

Freshen your OS:

Mac and Windows users can reinstall their operating systems without losing any data. If your Mac laptop is in Recovery mode, you can try Fresh Start with Windows 10.

Add extras:

A portable mouse, keyboard, headset, or speaker reduces the load on the hardware. A case can also prevent wear and tear. You will also look fabulous with these!

Upgrade it:

There are three usual suspects when it comes to a laptop headed for device heaven, and typically, these can be upgraded. If you need storage, a memory card, or spare batteries, consider getting an external hard drive. An external graphics processor is also an option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average lifespan of a laptop?

Mid-range laptops should last about three years on average. You may be able to extend your computer’s lifespan even further if you properly care for it.

Can a laptop last 10 years?

You may be able to use a laptop for more than 10 years if you take good care of it. A laptop’s battery, which can usually be replaced or used plugged in, will usually give out first.

How long should a high-end laptop last?

According to researchers, laptops that cost under $700 last between 2-4 years, laptops that cost $700 to $1,000 last up to five years, and laptops costing over $1,000 last up to seven years.

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Final Thought

The lifespan of your laptop should be considered when choosing one. It will probably last for a shorter period of time since consumer laptops are typically less expensive. You can easily analyse how long should a laptop last after reading this informational article. In addition, you can also utilize it for smaller, less power-intensive tasks, which can extend its life considerably. Business-grade laptops are more durable and long-lasting, but gaming uses will shorten their lifespan. You can extend your laptop’s lifespan by years by developing good laptop hygiene habits.

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