How Many Watts Does A Laptop Charger Use 2023-Power Wattage

how many watts does a laptop charger use

Laptop users do not seem to pay attention to certain factors, or they are not that important. The Energy Calculator will help you figure out the energy consumption of the machine you are planning to buy. Here we discuss How Many Watts Does A Laptop Charger Use. If you are curious and want to know everything about the machine you use or would like more information about the machine you have used for years, read this complete article.

How Many Watts Does A Laptop Charger Use

A variety of factors can influence power consumption, for example, charging, screen brightness, software, and graphics card usage. A 15-inch laptop consumed approximately 60 watts per hour if you are just into the numbers. It would consume more than this, however. It is probably not intuitive to you the extent to which factors affect energy consumption.

The Factors Energy Consumption in Laptops

It is essential to consider multiple things before discussing the factors upon which it is dependent. Over the years, we have been developing better machines that require less power than our older ones yet still work and other laptops.

Numerous brands manufacture laptops each year. In sum, power consumption depends on your laptop. When you connect your PC to an increasing number of external devices, it will consume more power. Several factors determine power consumption.

Types of Laptop

Gaming laptops and, in general, high-end laptops will be much more expensive. In general, a laptop will consume roughly 60 watts per hour if it is fundamental and general.

The laptop gets very hot when running in our labs and needs a cooling pad to cool down since a few models can run more than 100W per hour. In the same way, if you charge such laptops, the amount of energy consumed increases even more.


An Intel i7 or Intel i9 processor is more powerful than a low-grade processor, which consumes more energy. There is a reason for this, regardless of how simple it may appear. When your laptop’s processor isn’t powerful enough, it is going to require more energy to operate properly. In contrast, a great processor can perform well on a relatively small amount of energy.

Graphics Card

A graphics card with higher performance will consume more power. Your GPU will provide better graphics when playing high-end games on your laptop, for instance. In addition to high-performing GPUs, high-performance CPUs are available with high-end laptops. There is also a higher battery capacity, and in most cases, a better display.

In general, workstations and gaming laptops with GPUs like the RTX 2080, 2070, and 2060 are used to perform tasks such as data science and machine learning. Budget laptops with integrated graphics or 2-in-1 models will use less power if you buy them! It would require more power if they were all combined. In this post, we have devoted a section to discuss the power consumption of laptops designed for gaming.

Adapter Wattage

It is no different if your laptop has a 60W adapter, as this is the amount of power that it will be using when it is in use, as opposed to a laptop that comes with a 90W adapter. Additionally, most 17-inch laptops come with chargers that output 90W. The average laptop comes with a 60W charging adapter.

How Many Watts Does Gaming Laptop Use?

Another important laptop category should be mentioned since gaming laptops require specialized components to operate correctly.  The best gaming laptops are packed with powerful processors and batteries. You can understand that for some high-end games, you will have to have a laptop capable of running them.

A gaming laptop is almost always large and heavy as they are equipped with everything imaginable. The charger that the gaming laptop is charged with may indicate the power consumption of the laptop. There is an Acer Predator Helios 300 charger in almost every series of laptops we feature as best laptops. At least 180 Watts are consumed by it per hour.

How Many Watts Does an Apple MacBook Consume?

Apple MacBook users should know that the 13-inch Macbook Pro consumes around 61 Watts of power as the charger supplies it, whereas a 15-inch Macbook consumes about 87 Watts.

The cost of electricity that you consume throughout the week can easily be calculated through the above assumptions. Macbooks typically consume 61 Watts per hour, or 0.061 kWh, and are usually used for around 10 hours a day. It means it should cost about 7.32 cents per week (assuming an electricity cost of 12 cents per kWh).

Ways to consume Less Power on your Laptop

It may be necessary for you to consider some methods to reduce power consumption if you’ve examined the power consumption of your laptop. You can try some ways as well for your laptop that we have tried out on ours.

  • It is advisable to unplug the laptop once the charging is complete
  • When starting up your work, allow the laptop a few minutes to cool down
  • Don’t overcharge your laptop because it wastes more power and weakens the battery
  • Make sure your laptop remains cool while charging by purchasing a cooling pad
  • When the battery reaches 10%, connect the charger. You shouldn’t wait until it shuts down. As a result, this process consumes additional energy and drains the battery
  • You can reduce the pressure on your system by updating the processor and other hardware

The next time you dim the screen, you will prevent this, and you will also keep your eyes protected. To consume power, you can do a variety of other things. An extremely bright screen consumes a great deal of energy.

How to calculate Watts Consumed by a Laptop?

The key to calculating how much power your laptop utilizes is to understand the different methods. Knowing the laptop’s charger power consumption can help you estimate and consider a variety of other factors. Your laptop’s power consumption can be monitored by an electricity monitor.

Manual Calculation

With every laptop, you can figure out how much power it consumes by considering how much energy your laptop uses while charging (Adapter wattage). It’s however important to take other factors into account if you want an even more precise estimate.

Earlier, when we discussed the Acer Predator Laptop, we talked about the charger that consumes 180 Watts of electricity each hour. Well, you will find a processor and graphics card from Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD in a lot of systems these days.

Further, besides the CPU and GPU, the most significant components that contribute to the overall power consumption of the machine are the processor and graphics processor. For information on the power consumption, you can check on the official website or open your computer’s back panel and see what the components consume.

These combined increase the wattage used by a laptop by more than 10%, which is only an average and can be higher if other components are used. The average power consumption is 45 watts to 50 watts, while the average power consumption of a GPU is 75 watts to 80 watts.

In addition, the maximum brightness is 0.5W per hour with a screen brightness range of 0.5W to 15W per hour. Several other components, including the SSD/HDD and RAM, are taken into account. A rough estimate can be derived from an approximation, although the exact figure is not possible manually.

We also know that the charger draws 60 watts of electricity, which equals 0.06  kWh. According to this calculation, running a laptop for an average of eight hours a day will cost you approximately 6.76 cents a day (assuming the average energy unit cost is 12 cents/kWh).

The Electricity Calculation

The Electricity Usage Monitor will provide you with a more accurate calculation. By hanging the device over the power outlet, you can find out how much power your laptop consumed while charging. Because all the power needs are met by one socket, the results are displayed instantly on the monitor.

You simply hook the charger into the device and stick it in a wall socket. This device is also helpful in controlling other appliances around the house. Curiosity may not be necessary, but it gives you the confidence to take risks you wouldn’t have dreamed possible. When you plug in your charger, it will begin reading how much power it draws. A charger built with this power will typically display around 60W.

Moreover, the laptop’s battery will be complete after it has been fully charged. From e-commerce websites, you can easily acquire this helpful device to understand your laptop and other appliances fully. Also, this device helps you calculate how much energy your laptop consumes over the time you have used it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many watts does it take to charge a laptop?

Does a laptop need to be charged with a specific wattage? Depending on the situation. If you want a laptop to consume less energy than it produces by simply being on, the charger or wall adapter needs to have at least 29 or 31 watts of power. The amount of electricity you consume will certainly vary based on how intensive your system is.

How many watts does a laptop use per hour?

If a laptop is being used, it will consume between 50 and 100 watts per hour. For an eight-hour laptop running day, 150-300 kWh of power is consumed, and 44-88 kg of CO2 is emitted. Desktops and laptops both consume less power in standby mode.

Does wattage matter on a laptop charger?

Laptops require more power when they are operating at their maximum capacity. As the laptop will only ever draw power as needed when charging, you can use a charger with higher wattage (or amps).

How many watts does a 15.6-inch laptop consume?

The 15.6-inch laptops that we tested have an average power consumption of about 60 Watts.

Does a laptop consume less energy than a PC?

Laptops have many more components than PCs. Hence they consume less power. A variety of laptop types consume more power than the average laptop. Therefore, let’s find out how much energy laptops consume and the factors that affect them.

Is the Laptop Wattage Differ for different brands such as Acer, Dell, ASUS, HP, etc.?

You have to follow the same watt rules whether you have laptops from  Dell,  HP,  Razer Blade, Lenovo, Acer, MSI,  ASUS, etc. The laptop’s consumption will be high if it has high specifications and GPU. For laptops with similar specs from two different manufacturers, the power consumption won’t be too other.


Final Thoughts

Finally, let’s look back at our discussion about how many watts does a laptop charger use. If you want to know how many Watts your laptops consume, you should use a third-party device rather than trying to figure it out manually. It is possible that the process involved will result in inaccurate results and that you will remain confused as a result. The average laptop requires 60W of power when charged, but power consumption depends mainly on the other components when used. It doesn’t take much time and brainpower to come up with an idea. On the other hand, the Electricity Usage Monitor will provide accurate results if you need them for some genuine reason.

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