How To Charge Laptop In Car 2023 [Car Battery Power Bank]

how to charge laptop in car

With the advent of advanced technologies, the passing of time becomes progressively advantageous. Among all the modern technologies, the laptop brings a revolution in everyone’s life, surprisingly. It would be best to fully charge it every time to use it wherever you go since it is an integral part of every stage of life. If you are traveling anywhere, then the question arises: How To Charge Laptop In Car?

Here we will guide you comprehensively on how you can charge your laptop in the car while driving. We recommend that you read the entire process attentively and take advantage of what we have gathered in our years of experience.

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How To Charge Laptop in Car Battery

To fully utilize your laptop’s functionality, you need to plug your laptop into the car to charge its battery. Over time and with the advancement of technology, it is now possible to charge the laptop in the car with car battery.

Actually, charging a laptop in the car is not tricky. You have to follow some steps and provide the electricity. Now, you can utilize your laptop anywhere. We have mentioned some procedures about how to charge laptops in car with car battery.

Charge Laptop With Car Power Inverter

The best and affordable way to charge your laptop on the go is by using the car power inverter. So in just charging the laptop, you don’t need to spend too much on it. Let us now discuss the procedure we personally use to charge our laptop in the car. Please turn on the mode power inverter  and plug it into the car’s electrical outlets.

The laptop’s USB port can also be connected directly to the power inverter using a set of plugs with three-point connectors. The ac power inverter transfer from the car engine to the power inverter and then further transfer directly to the laptop to charge its battery.

But here is not the end; charging the laptop with the power inverter also has some limitations that you must know before charging. There are many power inverters available on the market that is bulky and very cheap. Those power inverters can damage the sensitive parts of the most laptops. So you must be careful while purchasing the inverter.

For that purpose, always choose a quality and well-performance power inverter to charge portable laptop in the car. Our recommendation is to first research appropriately about the power inverter and then decide to buy it.

Charge Laptop With Power Bank

Nobody will deny the importance of a laptop power bank; if you have an electronic device, then you should have a power bank to charge that gadget. So you will learn here about how to charge your laptop in car using a power bank. You don’t need the electricity of your car engine.

Instead, it needs to charge separately so that the power will be available whenever you plug in the laptop. But the most necessary thing is that your laptop must have a USB port charging. If your laptop has a good USB port charging, then you don’t need to connect the laptop to your car’s electric outlet. The power will directly transfer from the power bank to the laptop.

Charge Laptop With Car Laptop Charger

In addition to that, another way to charge the laptop in the car is with the laptop charger. It is not an ordinary charger. Instead, it is a particular type of car laptop charger specially designed to charge the laptop in the car. Moreover, it does not need three-pointed to connect with the car outlet. Instead of that, it is directly plugin like a mobile phone charger.

But it is not possible to charge the laptop with an ordinary phone charger. You must have a unique build laptop charger that easy to plugin in-car outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I plug my laptop into my car?

To use your laptop, you must bring it with the vehicle. The OBD-II scan cable plugged into your laptop should be connected to your vehicle’s diagnostic port, located beneath the steering column on the driver’s side.

Can I connect laptop Bluetooth to the car?

You are using a stereo in your car or stereo on your laptop. The Bluetooth technology on your PC lets you connect various devices such as keyboards, mice, phones, and speakers. Moreover, The Bluetooth module on your PC must connect to the car stereo to do this. Laptops and tablets, among other devices, come with Bluetooth built-in.

What does a laptop do in a car?

The computer can oversee fuel injectors, spark plugs, and idle speeds by using this information. By reducing fuel consumption, the engine can perform at its maximum.

Final Thought

In this How to charge your laptop in car guide, we have presented the three easy and simple ways to power up your laptop while traveling. We personally deal with all of these things, so we decided to share them with the community for their benefit. If you feel any difficulty in charging, ask in the comment section. Our team will solve your problem ASAP. You can find more informative article.

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