How To Charge Laptop Without Charger 2023 [Alternative Ways]

how to charge laptop without charger

There are times when we have all been in this situation, leaving home without a charger in our laptop bag. The battery in a laptop is essential. Even though laptops are helpful, they are useless without charging. People often assume that charging a battery is the only option, though that isn’t the case. We offer a complete guide on How To Charge Laptop Without Charger so that you can continue your work anywhere.

Those who forget to charge their laptops frequently will benefit from our guide.

How to Charge Laptop without Charger

Your laptop’s battery should keep running and does not connect always connect with an outlet. It is the only feature that makes it so convenient and popular.

If the battery runs out and needs to be recharged, you only have to plug it in. It is achieved using a charger that transfers electricity from an electrical outlet to the battery of your laptop.

In addition to charging your laptop with the charger, there are other ways to proceed if you cannot access the charger. We have listed alternate methods for charging your laptop if you lack access to the charger.

Battery charging without a charger is not magical. Despite the temporary nature of the methods we already discussed, buying a new laptop charger is more costly than using an old one.

1- Using Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium-Ion Batteries

Many laptops use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with a voltage of 3.7 volts. You can charge these batteries via several methods without the need for a charger.

  • During the process of disconnecting the battery from the charger, you must remove the battery pack. A pair of three batteries are contained in the package,
  • Separate the batteries – they have been electrically bonded, but there is no problem with them being disassembled,
  • To charge a single 18650 battery, you can take the six 18650 batteries and use a standard vape pen charger. If you don’t have one, you can use a standard USB charger.

2- Using External Laptop Battery Charging Kits

A second way to charge your battery is also available if you do not wish to disassemble the battery. You will need a portable battery charger for this purpose. The external battery chargers for laptops are available from brands such as Lenovo, Asus, Acer, HP, and others Charging Kits.

  • A ThinkPad external battery charger is ideal if you have one. If not, choose a charger related to your laptop. A bad battery can damage your device, mainly if it’s an off-brand option.
  • A 9-pin connector connects the laptop battery to the laptop. Remove the battery first.
  • Placing the connector pin on the external battery pack will allow it to be connected to the battery. When you connect, the laptop battery will start charging.

3- Using a Universal Adapter

As we noted in the earlier parts of the article, the charging ports and plugs on laptops are not universal across different laptop brands and models. It means you cannot simply charge your laptop’s battery with a charger from another brand.

Being able to charge a laptop with a universal charger is an absolute blessing in these situations. In a universal charger, you will find various charging tips to choose from for your laptop. Charging your battery with the appropriate tip based on its brand is the best way to ensure it runs efficiently.

A universal charging adapter may be the right choice for those who carry several laptops at their desks and don’t want to carry the chargers separately for each laptop. Almost every laptop is compatible with a charging tip. The universal chargers usually come with about five or ten different charging tips. So you should have no issue finding a charging tip that fits your laptop.

If you already own the charging adapter, you can purchase the charging pins or tips separately. These universal adapters typically cost a relatively substantial amount of money depending on the brand you select. But it is not so much that ruined your wallet.

Thus, a universal charger is worth it if you need a charger when you are traveling. Therefore, a universal laptop charger eliminates battery issues.

How should you proceed if the above methods do not work?

You might need to contact your laptop manufacturer if your battery still doesn’t charge after trying the above methods.

Simply purchase a new charger at the store to replace the old one. It is imperative to check the charger’s pin, connect it to an outlet, and check whether it supplies the desired voltage.

It is also probably necessary to replace the charging port if it is faulty. It’s more challenging to replace a charging port than a charger. To replace the current charging port, you have to remove the current one and solder the new one. The cost of hiring a professional is significantly cheaper if you do it yourself.

4- How to Charge a USB-C Port Laptop

For all the latest models of laptops, manufacturers are now using USB-C connections. Some of the famous manufacturers are Apple, Lenovo, Dell, and HP.

The USB-C port is also available on most cell phones today to charge their devices with their charging cable or power banks.

5- Using a 12-Watt Phone Charger

Unlike earlier models of computers, current MacBooks, Dell XPS, and Lenovo Thinkpads rely on a USB-C port as the primary charging port, making charging a laptop as easy as charging a cellphone.

The laptop’s battery will start charging as soon as you plug the USB-C port into an outlet.

You will need to monitor the phone charger because it is not as powerful as the laptop charger. The USB chargers provide up to 120 watts, while laptop batteries require a power source of at least 20 watts.

Therefore, if you wish to use a 12-watt charger, you’ll need to shut down the laptop. Because laptop batteries are more powerful than your phone’s battery, the charger can heat up more quickly due to the increased power requirement.

The charger should be compatible with the laptop battery so that it won’t catch fire. Otherwise, it can cause a fire.

6- Using Powerbank for USB-C Laptop

The power banks have differing charging capacities and can be a blessing when your charger is lost.

Power banks that are specifically designed for charging laptops with USB-C ports are required. Having a USB-C port on a powerful laptop will not charge efficiently with a USB-A power bank.

Depending on the capacity of the power bank, You can recharge a MacBook or Thinkpad laptop

once or twice with USB-C power banks.

If you are traveling without a charger and providing it for an extended period, be aware of how you use it. No matter how this device is relatively easy to operate.

Use a USB-C cable to plug the power bank into the port on your laptop.

Your laptop will start charging as soon as the power bank remains turn on.

7- Charging the Laptop with Car

You are charging the laptop device while traveling is a blessing. So we teach you how to charge laptop without charger in the car. If you are a traveler, then most of your work is on the road instead of offices. Unfortunately, this method has a significant flaw: most laptops available today are designed to operate with a voltage of 8V, while car voltages start at 12V.

Thus, if you directly connect the laptop battery to the car battery, you could damage the laptop’s battery.

It is why you should choose an inventor that converts DC power into AC for your use. In conclusion, you should use an inverter to charge your laptop battery with your car’s battery if you have one.

  1. The first step is to connect your inverter to the car’s cigarette lighter.
  2. Put the charging adapter for your laptop in the inverter now.
  3. Plug in the AC adaptor of your laptop to charge the battery.

In addition to turning on your laptop, this method will also recharge the battery. In this case, you can charge virtually any laptop using this method, but you should make sure you use an inverter to convert the power source and limit the voltage; otherwise, you risk damaging your laptop’s battery.

Can I charge my Laptop through a Phone?

Despite the fact that we wish this were the case, you cannot charge your laptop from your phone.

You can charge phones with laptops; however, there is no way for laptops to charge phones. One of the features of USB is that only the output port allows current to flow.

No matter how much you reverse the flow of power, there is not enough wattage produced to juice up your laptop’s battery.

It is not necessary to cut your trip short or panic if you forget your laptop charger. It is possible to replace the battery in your laptop if the battery runs out, but you will need the right tools and guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a way to charge a laptop without the charger?

Smartphones can be used to provide backup power in an emergency as a last-ditch method of charging. The process is different depending on whether you use iOS or Android.

Can you charge a laptop with a USB cable?

Not at all. You can charge your iPad, iPod, and other devices just by plugging into the USB port on a laptop, which acts as a power supply to other devices. In this scenario, you want to hook up a laptop power cable or battery.

How do I manually charge my laptop battery?

The battery inside your laptop must be removed and then connected to an external charger to be charged. It is now time to connect the charger to the outlet. Install the battery into the laptop once the battery is fully charged by removing the charger.

Final Words

Here, we have taught you how to charge laptop without charger and continue your work routine at any place. However, if you are unfortunate enough to run out of any of the options mentioned above, you might as well charge your laptop’s battery with your smartphone. However, if you have an urgent need to access the laptop and access it, you can try it, even though it’s not very effective.

If you are searching for a way to charge a laptop without a laptop charger, I hope the article’s information and solutions will prove helpful. For more details click here.

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