How To Fix A Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It 2023

how to fix a laptop screen without replacing it

Being shocked by the broken screen of your laptop caused you a great deal of distress. I was in a similar situation while studying at university when I saw my broken laptop screen just days before a presentation. I was analyzing how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it after I was unable to find replacement screen on the web.

How To Fix A Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It

My screen cracked immediately after this. I managed to repair it in only 5 hours, which is quite a feat. First, we will start with some basic information about laptop screens, including their construction, strength, and types, before moving onto a discussion regarding how to fix a laptop screen carefully  without changing its screen?

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Which Materials Are Used In Laptop Screens?

The LCD screen on laptops have different forms and can make from other materials. The touch panels, Backlit screens, and active-matrix displays are some of these technologies.

As LCD panels do not emit light directly, they take advantage of the reflective properties of light crystals. These lamps are typically backlit by Light Emitting Differentiators (LEDs). Besides this, laptop screen constructed with touchscreen technology, like mobile phones.

Some companies have recently introduced 7-inch LED screens in laptops that will give you much-improved picture quality. But it is still quite a new technology and makes its first foray into the market. This guide demonstrates the easiest way to repair a cracked laptop screen display, regardless of the laptop’s display type.

How Can A Laptop Screens Get Cracked?

Many factors cause the cracked laptop screen. Many of these features are invisible to most people. Some are simple and obvious, and others are harder to find. A broken laptop screen also needs to analyze for a reason behind it.

  • An overly pressured laptop screen is the most common cause of cracked laptop screen. The risk of damage is greater when the laptop dropped accidentally or hit the device hard and heavy.
  • One more cause of loose laptop keys is pressure, which will occur when a laptop is kept in an open bag or closed for a prolonged period. When the laptop is being transported or taken out of the bag or inserted, it can damage the screen.
  • There are many delicate small parts to laptops. The hardware of the device is weakest at the hinge point where the screen pivots from. The hinge mechanism can be broken if the laptop is opened and closed too quickly and aggressively, resulting in screen damage. As a consequence of this, a crack in the screen may open up on one side.
  • Besides physical damage, a laptop screen can cease to function independently for a variety of reasons, such as an internal problem within the motherboard or problems with the video cables that drive the touchscreen, or exposure to excessive light intensity.

How Do Lcd Laptop Screen Get Cracked?

Ink starts spilling out of the glass substrates as splotches of ink appear on the sides and ends of the fluid precious stone control vessel.

The vast majority of those transistors and the liquid precious stone arrangement atop have been destroyed since the day a few drops of water have damaged it. But right now, making them work together would be similar to repeating a neutral medical procedure.

It is also why there are screens since such a large number for all intents and purposes; little connections are necessary to make an LCD board work. The building of a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge LCD necessitates laboratory conditions with clean rooms and precision filtration frameworks.

Many touchscreen devices are being made with touch screens incorporated into their development in the past. You can replace the touch screen independently from the LCD module. Nonetheless, the touch screens are now incorporated into LCDs, and at that point, replacement is usually done in conjunction with the LCD.

In contrast to replacing your PC, the replacement of an LCD is still a far better option. The benefits of the cloud go far beyond the fact that it is better for the environment, and you also keep every one of your records and settings.

Besides, in addition to the pace gadget, our client enjoyed an incredible number of recordings placed by our satisfied clients.

Further, it is likewise natural to relate to the premise that fixing your stuff can be equally fulfilling and fulfilling as finding a new gadget! It is better to repair cracked laptop screen on your own!

What To Do With A Cracked Laptop Screen?

Don’t panic if you crack or damage a screen on your laptop. There might not be as worst situation as it seems. How could my laptop screen have broken? You need to assess the damage, then ask yourself: Why did it break? These reasons must be behind the problem. A laptop screen needs to examine carefully to make sure it has not suffered any internal damage.

An easy way to do this is to plug the laptop into a VGA or HDMI cable and connect it to your TV. There are also newer models with the ability to share your screen through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

You should check your display on the external device to figure out if the screen is the problem. It’s likely the motherboard and all cabling is functioning correctly.

The display may also show the same issue on a different display, which may indicate that other components (for instance, the graphics card, motherboard, or software) are malfunctioning.

Here’s an overview of the main points you need to ensure after all of the above.

How To Fix A Laptop Screen Without Replacing It?

To repair cracks in laptop  screen displays, you should use liquid adhesives used to hold optical panels intended to be used on laptops. The cracked panel can also be remedied by applying baking soda, plastic bag, or sandpaper. These remedies, however, will resolve the issue temporarily.

This section describes the steps necessary to swap a laptop screen with a replacement if you can do all the work yourself.

In part, the existing panel is non repairable because the nature of cracks makes them incapable of being repaired; therefore, you will need to replace it with a new panel eventually, but as mentioned in this section, you can do it yourself.

Essential Tools For Fixing A Cracked Laptop Screen

It is important first thing that the appropriate tools be available if you choose to fix a broken laptop screen.

  • You will need a space suitable for sitting (or standing, if you wish) with a relatively level area, and that will enable you to take a shot at your workstation. Organizing that messy lounge table or work desk will give you the motivation to tidy up.
  • I’d state the size varies between a small and a fair size, but I would say that an eyeglass repair screw driver will do. A magnetic head screw driver will sufficiently charge the driver’s head if you don’t possess an attractive-head screw driver.
  • Therefore, the screws are more inclined to adhere to the head and straightforward removal and replacement without reviling as they fall everywhere.
  • Its purpose is to free the screws encapsulated by the spread stickers, referred to as the bezel, on your workstation’s surround.
  • Using a slant-blade putty knife or something gently shaped can be highly effective for prying the screen away.
  • Use the small nails only to do this. Using a different article, make sure the paper’s abrasiveness is so tiny that it will not leave scratches or other evidence of prying.
  • It protects them from curious cats and kids with a bit of bowl or another holder reserved for reserving small screws.

Once you have gathered all the right tools, you should follow the given steps:

1) Remember that you must disconnect your laptop’s power cable before attempting to connect. Make sure the electrical connections are disconnected as well when removing the battery.

2) Check your side bezels for damage of cracked laptop screen . Those areas have one or two small stickers on each side. If none of them are located there, two small protrusions are visible on the bottom surface of the screen casing.

3) Remove the sticky covering with the needle or other sharp objects and insert the protrusion needle. Then, separate it from the others and remember to place it separately in a safe place. Using a marker, you can make a few little notes on one side of the paper.

4) You now have the opportunity to see the screws that hold the display unit together. Then, carefully remove each of them using the small head screw driver. Using the opposite hand, you can hold the screen while removing the screws.

5) To prevent losing the screws afterward, please place them in a small bowl before removing them.

6) The screen will come loose from the plastic frame bezel as soon as you remove all of the screws. To handle a full watch bezel, it is best to use your fingers to move the entire watch bezel gently.

7) The screen needs to carefully pull away from the bezel before you separate it. It may be possible that the screen does not turn out on its own. If so, check whether the screw still attaches or not.

8) The metal casing surrounding the bezel is unmistakable when you expel the bezel from the watch. It is necessary to tilt the screen through a certain angle to reveal the metal case. Your workstation’s screen will be noticeable in the most tender moment, as will the wire’s interconnection between the PC and the screen.

9) There are two links in the primary system that need to be found. Video signals are transmitted via an initial link, and power supply from the inverter is sent via another link. The PC and should discard the pc and its associated wire. Do not connect it to the inverter wire.

10) Attach the wires and attach the outer casing to the board after tightening the screws and connecting them. After you have removed the old screen, place the new one inside the case cables.

The monitor should work properly after you turn on the laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

1. Can you fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it?

It is frustrating to see a cracked or broken screen, especially when working properly on a laptop in a hurry and the screen gets pressed hard. Some reasons for a cracked screen are that it is not repairable.

2.  Can you fix a laptop screen with cracks?

Here is a step guide on how to repair a cracked laptop screen. The easiest option is to replace a broken screen. However, this will cost you a lot of money. As a result, many choose to experiment with repairing broken laptop screen.

3. How do I get rid of a cracked screen on a laptop?

There is a simple answer to this problem which is to buy a new screen. If you do not want to make an effort, then prepare the necessary tools and remove the old screen and casing and install the new one.

4.  How much does it cost to fix an internally cracked laptop screen?

You will generally have to pay $180 to $150 for screen replacements. Displays that use higher-resolution display systems, such as 4K displays and OLED panels, may see the amount increase. The price would rise to approximately $250 to $300 when you add labor to the total. So, following this guide on the case of how to fix a laptop screen without replacing it is a good idea, since you’ll be able to save money.

 5. What’s the best way to fix small cracks in a laptop?

To repair cracks in laptop displays, you should use liquid adhesives that is use to hold optical panels intended to be used on laptops. The cracked panel can also be remedied by applying baking soda, plastic bag, or sandpaper. These remedies, however, will resolve the issue temporarily.

Final Thought

We have described How To Fix A Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It completely. Just follow all the steps accurately to fix it and enjoy the brighter and more precise picture display. If you still confused, ask in the comment section.

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