How To Open A Laptop And Take Apart In 2023 – [Disassemble]

How To Open A Laptop

The laptop consists of so many parts and they all need to be replaced after damaging them. But opening the laptop is quite challenging. It is standard for LCD screens on laptops to malfunction. The average person with the time and patience to fix or replace internal components on a computer is still possible at home. But you have to become more careful while doing so. Are you struggling with How To Open A Laptop?

How To Open A Laptop For Disassemble

If you open a laptop, you should be doing so for a specific purpose, such as to upgrade the hard drive, increase RAM (random access memory), or check the screen itself. It is possible to open a laptop case by following these steps and working slowly and systematically.

Step 1:

Close the lid once the lid latches.

Step 2:

On a flat surface, turn your laptop upside-down.

Step 3:

To remove the battery, move the latch to the left and lift it out of the laptop’s bottom, or slide it out of the outer edge.

Step 4:

At the four corners of the laptop and other sealed points, remove the Phillips-head screws. There are at least twelve screws in most laptop computers. Twenty-four screws secure the back of Dell laptops, including two that secure the hard drive cover.

Step 5:

You should place the screws in a cup or container to not roll off the table and go missing. The laptop’s cover holds part of the internal components in place, which can cause danger when screws are missing.

Step 6:

From the bottom of the laptop, the hard drive and memory must be removed. Keep the covers on all internal components. To replace a hard drive, for example, the protective cover can be removed.

Step 7:

Make sure not to damage any parts of the bottom cover as you remove it. Stop and identify any stuck interests if you encounter resistance. You shouldn’t forcefully remove it.


If you have removed all visible screws from your laptop, you may still be unable to remove the cover. You can reveal screws underneath the rubber feet by eliminating the bottom surface. Open computers lose their warranties. The hard drive and batteries of a computer do not need to be removed. The disassembly of your laptop may void your warranty.

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Frequently Asked Question

How do we open and close our laptop?

Close the lid properly and hold the screen in the middle while gently closing the lid. A cover that is only closed on one side will put more pressure on the hinges and eventually break. If you lift your laptop by its display, you put unnecessary stress on the hinges.

Is opening a laptop safe?

The majority of laptop manufacturers do not want their products opened. Even if you can open your laptop, dust can accumulate inside. It’s still possible to clean dust even if you’re unable to open your computer.

How can we start our laptop without the power button?

Windows can wake up a laptop through a LAN connection or an external keyboard if you don’t have a power button. When you enter clamshell mode and use an external keyboard, you can wake up a Mac.

Final Word

Although It is pretty challenging to open the laptop safely, now it is not a problem for you. Our provided information on how to open a laptop will give you the mastery to do it yourself at home. During the process, if you are stuck at any point or face any other issue, you can ask in the comment section. Our team will guide you ASAP.

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