What Is My Laptop Screen Size 2023 [How Big Monitor Screen]

what is my laptop screen size

If you are looking to get a new laptop with the same screen size as the one you currently have, see if you can find one with the exact dimensions. For those who need to replace their laptop screens, knowing the exact dimensions is also helpful. There are many situations when a user may ask, ” what is my laptop screen size?” from buying a new laptop bag to realizing what resolution their screen is. Its good to know your laptop screen size to call technical support or even compare it to another.

What Is My Laptop Screen Size

This article will explain why a monitor’s measurement isn’t a true reflection of a laptop’s height and width. Whether you need a case or bag to carry your portable computer, you may need the physical dimensions to provide accurate technical support. The question, ” what is my laptop screen size?” will arise at some point if you don’t already know. We will explain several different methods of getting a laptop’s dimensions here. We’re going to jump into this if you’re ready.

How to measure laptop screen size

You should use a tape measure rather than a ruler to measure the actual size of your laptop screen. It’s essential to choose a starting point when calculating the diagonal of your laptop screen. Moreover, It is very important that you only measure the screen and not the enclosure, so please consider this. To measure your screen, you should start at the corner where it appears outside the enclosure.

Your laptop screen can be accessed from either the bottom left or the bottom right. You can choose any of these.  Laptop screens are measured in inches. Because of this, you must convert the metric measurements into inches if you live in a country that uses the metric system. Online converters exist for this purpose.

Your measuring tape must now extend diagonally across your laptop’s screen to the opposite corner. Therefore, rising to the bottom left corner if you started at the bottom left corner, and extending to the top right corner if you began at the bottom right corner, is the right thing to do.

There is no point in getting a measuring tape if it only has sixteenth-inch markings. If this is the case, the screen’s measurement must be done within tenths of an inch. The manufacturers of screens and laptops are to blame for the need for diagonal measurements. Diagonal measurements result in larger screen sizes, which is an excellent selling point.

When you have measured your laptop screen in centimeters, you can determine its size more quickly. You do not have to guess the object’s size; the results will be in tenths of an inch. You can also manually calculate the centimeters by dividing each by 2.54.

Know The Height Of Your Machine

You can expect your computing experience to be significantly affected by the height of your laptop. When you are using the closed screen, extend your tape measure to the top. Place your tape measure near the bottom of your laptop and choose aside. You must snap the laptop screen into the locators in the case so that you can measure the height of the machine correctly. The thickest part of the laptop should be measured if it has a slope when it is closed.  Generally, most laptops don’t exceed two inches in height. Use an online conversion tool or multiply inches by 2.54 to convert centimeters.

Measurement of Width

Placing your tape measure here at either the left or right front corner of the house will work. You should start with the corner nearest to you, as there are no visible parts. Take your tape measure and extend it across the front corner of your laptop. You should measure along all rounded edges on laptops. You can use an online converter to convert from inches to centimeters if your laptop measures around 14 inches.

Measurement of Depth

You should put the tape measure at a corner in the back. Please keep the tape straight and taught as you extend it down the side of the laptop. Add the measurement of any rounded edges on your laptop. Once again, converting inches to centimeters is as simple as multiplying by 2.54 or looking up a calculator online.

Why Not Use A Ruler?

What size is your laptop? Can you measure it with a ruler? In theory, you can, but a ruler isn’t flexible. So getting an exact measurement will be more challenging. You cannot use a solid ruler to compensate for rounded edges on most laptops, which are often rounded, though a tape measure can easily do that.

You will need a ruler instead of a tape measure if you do not have access to a measuring tool. Even though your measurements will be less accurate than when you use a tape measure, you should still be aware of that.

It is not always the width of the laptops when it is advertised as 14 inches. A laptop’s screen size is its width. If you are new to laptops this may come as a surprise. Apple lists the MacBook Pro’s screen size as 13.3 inches. Moreover, There’s no 13.3-inch screen on the laptop. From left to right, the picture measures 11.97 inches. X395 Lenovo ThinkPads measure 12.28 inches in width when they are 13.3 inches.

Some common screen sizes

It may have been a while since you measured the screen size and wondered what the most common sizes are. Laptop screens are typically between 11 and 17 inches in size, with the smallest being 11 inches and the largest being 17 inches. You can choose from several options. Your first step when buying a laptop is to choose the correct screen size. You will need to pay more for a larger screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine the size of my laptop screen without measuring it?

The model specifications of the laptop provide information about the screen size without requiring any measuring. This information can be found in the manual that came with your laptop (in its case) or on the laptop’s bottom if the cover is present.

Does screen size measure laptops?

A laptop screen size is calculated diagonally, not including the bezel (this is not the size of an actual screen). From the bottom left corner to the top right corner, you’ll measure the length of the screen and convert it to inches.

What is the standard laptop screen size?

A typical laptop screen size ranges from 13 to 15 inches. There are several models available between 11 and 17 inches, so the size is not always standard.

Final words

Now, you can quickly determine the most confusing question of what size is my laptop. With your new knowledge, you can now set the size and height of your laptop screen. If you’re looking for a laptop bag or looking to compare it with other laptops, use this information. Unless specifically stated otherwise, the manufacturers’ specifications about laptop sizes always concern the screen size, not the width of the machine.

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