Best 2 In 1 Laptop Under $700 In 2023 (Cheap Convertible PC)

Best 2 In 1 Laptops Under 700

The technological advancements of recent decades have been significant. As technology improves, laptops become lighter and easier to carry. The average person may not have the funds to purchase a laptop full of the latest features or an enormous screen. Today we review the Best 2 In 1 Laptops Under $700.

This is why 2-in-1 laptops are so popular. When flipped backward, the keyboard can be used as a stand. A stylus is also an option that appeals to many since it allows you to use it on the screen. Currently, the best 2 in 1 laptop under $700 are being reviewed in today’s article. With so many different 2 in 1 laptops for sale, choosing the one that best fits your needs can be a challenging and time-consuming process.

Buying Guide For The Best 2 in 1 Laptop Under 700

We would like to discuss some essential factors to consider before purchasing 10 of the best 2-in-1 Laptops for 700 dollars. There are several things to consider when looking for laptop specs, but here are some basic things to look for so that you end up with a device that, at the very least, meets your needs.


The first most important factor you must keep in your mind while purchasing the laptop is its quality. Buying a laptop should be based on quality. When it is built well, it will last for many years. The strength of the chassis must not be compromised for looks or feel. Therefore, check how strong the chassis is and whether it is defective.


This is what you spend the most time looking at when using your laptop. When using your laptop, you usually do most of your work on the screen. Make sure the resolution and angle of the display are good for your eyes. Make sure the laptop you buy has HD graphics capabilities.


An important aspect of a laptop is its processor. Intel’s core-based CPUs are the most efficient, but other processors on the market can’t compete with their efficiency. In addition to the advancements in technology, Core i3, Core i5, and even the Core i7 are on their way and the 9th generation of core processors. In the future, everyone will demand a Core i3, Core i5, or even the 9th generation core processor. Because there’s so much customizability, you won’t have trouble getting a laptop that meets your needs. It is possible to get your hands on plenty of options with such a configuration.

Graphics Card

It is not enough to have a powerful processing unit. Gaming laptops also need to have excellent graphics performance. You need to choose a laptop that possesses a graphics processor from NVIDIA if you want to achieve this. In addition to Intel HD Graphics, the Core i3 sets a higher standard than all other brands and processors. With this in mind, gaming and watching videos online will require integrated graphics.


If you purchase a laptop, consider how long its battery will last. This applies regardless of how you use it. It is necessary to assess the reason behind the purchase of the laptop before going ahead with the same. It is important that you keep all of these factors in mind when assessing the laptop’s battery life, from its screen resolution to its brightness level, and only then proceed to make the purchase. You’re unlikely to find a laptop in that budget that can last you more than 12 hours if it is for gaming. There is no way that the manufacturer’s battery life estimates will match the actual user experience of the laptop you have.


The laptop you purchase should suit the purpose for which it was purchased. You should look for a gaming laptop with as much RAM as possible. While 4GB of RAM was pretty sufficient back in the day, it is best to have 8GB at the very least for a laptop. A good gaming laptop should have 32GB of RAM if you are a gamer and enjoy streaming.


The next thing to consider when purchasing a laptop is the amount of storage. Hard drives played a very important role in laptops. Nowadays, users are switching to solid-state drives because of the astounding results and improved experience they bring on. The current reason for replacing the same is that they are bulky, and they cause lags on the laptop when they use the functions. In addition to being fast, they also work silently without making any additional noise. If you choose to buy a laptop right now, make sure to look for the ones with SSD instead of hard drives. The laptop is not only lighter and more portable, but it also provides excellent performance without any stuttering or lag. It runs efficiently, gains access to data quickly, and provides faster outputs.


You should also consider a laptop’s weight and build. In terms of size and thickness, you need to ensure that the product you buy is not bulky and compact. When buying a laptop under the $700 budget, keep the factor of portability in mind. The weight of laptop computers is quite low today, and it comes as a direct result of the ever-increasing demands that customers place on them.

Choosing the right laptop is largely based on weight, and it is advisable to choose light laptops, but you should keep the build in mind as well. You shouldn’t ignore that because it plays a crucial role in making your laptop last as long as possible.


The goal of any purchase is to get a product that fits your budget and provides good value. You should select a laptop that meets your needs without sacrificing quality as you would with a laptop. You don’t need to go anywhere for this selection. Just read the above provided information and choose your budget friendly laptop.

Best Affordable 2 In 1 Ultrabooks Under 700 – Budget Value

You might find these laptops interesting before explaining what one should look for. The purpose for each of them has been carefully examined to ensure that they are serving the intended purpose. The following are some of the best two-in-one laptops available today. This article has done the homework for you to make an informed decision. In that regard, let’s review our comprehensive piece of information today.

ProductNameDescriptionCheck Price
Acer Spin 3

  • Display: 14 Inches
  • RAM: ‎8 GB
  • Battery:10 Hours
Check On Amazon
Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5

  • Display: 13.3 Inches
  • RAM: ‎4 GB
  • Battery:8 Hours
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Lenovo Yoga 730

  • Display: 15.6 Inches
  • RAM: ‎8 GB
  • Battery:6 Hours
Check On Amazon
Dell Inspiron 13

  • Display: 13.3 Inches
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Battery:6 Hours
Check On Amazon
Acer Spin 5

  • Display: 13.3 Inches
  • RAM: ‎8 GB
  • Battery:9 Hours
Check On Amazon
Samsung Notebook 7

  • Display: 13.3 Inches
  • RAM: ‎8 GB
  • Battery:6 Hours
Check On Amazon
HP Pavilion x360

  • Display: 14 Inches
  • RAM: ‎8 GB
  • Battery:5 Hours
Check On Amazon
ASUS VivoBook Flip 14

  • Display: 14 Inches
  • RAM: ‎4 GB
  • Battery:5 Hours
Check On Amazon
HP ENVY x360

  • Display: 15.6 Inches
  • RAM: ‎8 GB
  • Battery:4 Hours
Check On Amazon
Acer Chromebook Spin 311

  • Display: 11.6 Inches
  • RAM: ‎4 GB
  • Battery:6 Hours
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ACER SPIN 3Best 2 in 1 Laptop Under $700


Best 2 in 1 Laptop Under $700


  • Modern and impressive design

  • Light in weight

  • The display is crisp and bright.

  • Affordability

  • Only USB-C ports


With its notebook-like design and advanced features, the Acer Spin 3 Convertible Laptop is suitable for most students and is portable. You can take the Spin 3 with you anywhere as it is lightweight, portable and easy to carry. This sleek laptop weighs just 3.31 pounds and offers four different modes of use with its 360° Dual-Torque Hinge. It is possible to fold the screen behind the keyboard, so typing is easier.

The human hand can accidentally touch the screen itself due to its fragility. This unit has ample storage space, as anyone can see. Students who like downloading content will appreciate its 1Tb hard drive.

This unit is a great storage solution for adults and kids of all ages. The space will also allow you to hold important meetings or attend classes without running out. It is a versatile and appealing product from the Acer company that does not break the bank to anyone. The Spin 3’s 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor and integrated Intel Wi-Fi 6 enable you to enjoy the performance, connectivity, and entertainment like never before!

Advanced wireless technology prevents wireless signal dropouts. The device has dual-band Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) with 2×2 MU-MIMO, two SuperSpeed USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports that can each be turned off to charge and a Thunderbolt 3 port that supports USB Type-C,.

Lenovo Flex 5 Good 2 In 1 Laptop


Good 2 In 1 Laptop



  • Impressive build quality

  • Keyboard is smooth and easy to type

  • It is equipped with SSD

  • Fan is very quiet even under load.

  • Webcam is only alright, losing out on fine details.

  • Static in the microphone, and voices sound thin.


The next laptop for the best 2 in 1 laptop under 700 is Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 and it is extremely well built. Lenovo Flex 5 is an intelligent, intuitive, and responsive performance device that adapts to you for an improved user experience. Because it is very lightweight and compact, you can easily take it with you while on the move. You can type comfortably on the keyboard, and there is plenty of travel.

A keyboard and touchscreen are combined in this 2-in-1 laptop for easy interaction with your screen.Powered by Intel’s 10th generation InteI Core processor, you can work at home, school, or anywhere you want.

Beautiful images are displayed on this slim, light, and compact Chromebook with a 13.3-inch Full HD display, while narrow bezels minimise distractions. The Chromebook also features two stereo speakers that ensure an immersive experience.

The Google cloud service gives you access to your files, videos, music, and documents from anywhere. This device has a built-in webcam and two USB Type-C ports, one USB Type-A port, and an audio jack. Furthermore, it has the latest Intel Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, which provide a swift and reliable connection. You can even stay productive for up to 10 hours with its battery life.

Although its 1080p screen displays clear images and text, its limited color gamut makes it look washed out and can’t overcome reflections. In addition, its speakers are loud, but they don’t sound good, and the webcam shows little detail, and the microphone records hollow sound.

Lenovo Yoga 730 – Best Touch Screen Laptop Under 700


Best Touch Screen Laptop Under 700


  • A thin and light material

  • Easy to carry

  • Excellent cooling system

  • Brighter display

  • Thunderbolt port plus USB type C port

  • There is no DVD/CD drive built into this laptop


The next laptop in our list is Lenovo Yoga 730 from the well reputed brand Lenovo. Aside from the best two-in-one convertible laptop equipped with 8th Gen Intel Core i5, this laptop also allows you to multitask effortlessly while making flawless presentations.

Furthermore, 8 GB DDR4 RAM will support the processor, so you can use spreadsheets and use them for other casual tasks. Additionally, this hybrid features a 256GB SSD, though if you plan on dealing with a lot of large files, we recommend that you rely on external storage as well.

In addition, it used to run well with low-end graphics games, and the video playback was fast. It is a real bonus to find an IPS panel with Full HD resolution for under 700 dollars. Its rich, vibrant, and saturated details make it easy to get immersed in the 15.6” Touch Screen. Windows 10 has an intuitive interface that allows you to accomplish your tasks in seconds.

You must know about the 360 degrees flip and fold design since it provides uncompromising portability with only 4.1 lbs. This laptop bag partner can be inserted with ease and comfort into a laptop bag. In our opinion, it’s not overrated at all. The more you learn about Lenovo Yoga’s four versatile modes, the higher its fan rating will probably be.

Dell Inspiron 13  – Best Convertible Laptop


Best Convertible Laptop


  • Super fast and powerful

  • Integrated with MaxxAudio speaker

  • USB 3.0 connectivity

  • Touch screen

  • Fast processor

  • The screen flickers a lot.


The Dell Inspiron 13 5000 is the best 13-inch laptop under $700 you should have with you. The Dell company manufactured this laptop that stands out among others and competes with them in its quality and performance.

You’ll be able to choose between a Solid State Drive and RAM in this system, very similar to the Lenovo Yoga 730. With Dell, you can pick between 8 GB of RAM or 16 GB of RAM and 256GB or 512GB of storage, depending on your needs and preferences. Choose the configuration that best suits you!

Dell claims the pixel density has not been affected despite the larger screen size. A 15.6-inch touch screen display with IPS Truelife LED backlight and 1080 pixels is truly mesmerizing. The display on this Dell laptop attracted two fellows who commented on another of my posts that they bought it for pennies on the dollar. They couldn’t resist settling on this incredible budget deal with the seller.

While 4.85 is a little heavy, its 360 degrees flexible hinge can make up for the weight. While cooking in the tent mode, enjoying movies on the airplane or while driving in your car, typing your novel on the laptop mode, or reading while lying on your bed are all possible. The HDD is usually 8-10 times faster than the storage you’ll get here in a laptop of the same price range.

Acer Spin 5 – Best Ultrabooks Under 700


Best Ultrabooks Under 700


  • Security using fingerprints is involved

  • Stable keyboard

  • Multiple connectivity ports

  • High resolution display

  • Built in stereo speaker

  • It costs a lot but is worth it.

  • It has a sensitive touch screen.


The Acer Spin 5 is slightly more expensive than the other two laptops we mentioned, but that’s because it has an elite feel too. Thanks to the 8th generation Intel Core i5, this machine can run fast and furious and keep you entertained during your entire work with its blazing speed.

There is nothing unusual about 8GB of DDR4 memory and 256GB of SSD for such a price range. There might be some problems with storage, but you can secure your data with a side drive, so you won’t have to worry. Despite being non-upgradeable, 8GB RAM is perfectly fine for high-end handling applications. You won’t feel any lag when running these with low boot-up times and zero percent lag for high-end applications.

Alexa is a smart speaker with voice control and a boss title. Now you can dictate what your partner does for you while relaxing and playing with your laptop. Identify yourself even without a password. In addition to its fingerprint reader, this laptop has a touchpad on the side. It has an impressive battery life of up to 13 hours. Would you like to know its weight? You’ll find it to be only 3 pounds!

The best 2-in-1 laptop under 700 comes with impressive display technology in addition to being your assistant. The 13.3” touch screen display offers crystal clarity and fine details that keep you engrossed in the experience. You can make the hinge work the way you want by rotating it 360 degrees.

Lastly, if you’re looking for the best convertible laptop, make sure it is multifunctional as well as provides a wide range of connectivity options. You will not regret purchasing this Acer Spin 5.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin – Best 13 Inches Laptop Under 700


Best 13 Inches Laptop Under 700


  • The device has built-in speakers

  • Comes with USB Type C port

  • Fingerprint scanner

  • Attractive chassis

  • The system does not have an external drive port


The next in our best 2 in 1 laptops under 700 list is Samsung Notebook 7 Spin from the Samsung company. Its smart functionality is attributable to the latest Intel Quad Core i5. Anyone who uses a laptop would like it to perform well in every aspect, whether making music or editing videos. If you get your hands on this machine, you’ll be able to browse the internet and watch YouTube videos fast.

The Full HD touchscreen allows you to interact with Windows 10 seamlessly, while the 256GB solid-state drive boots the system in a matter of seconds. This Samsung 2-in-1 laptop has an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM so that you can run multiple programs at once.

The ultralight and ultrathin technologies offer four modes of operation. Users can switch between laptop and tablet at any time. Here is not the end, It comes with 256 GB of Solid State Drive and 8 GB of RAM. You will experience no lags or hiccups during your professional work of designing photos and videos on this laptop.

Moreover, the 13.3 inches Full HD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution boasts an energy-efficient LED backlight. Many have been impressed by the fine details on the screen of this notebook. Despite the lack of an IPS Panel, the screen retains amazing color reproduction.

The only feature we didn’t like was the speakers, which were reported to be bad on many hybrid laptops. Nevertheless, you will afford a Bluetooth speaker and enjoy working on this best 2 in 1 convertible laptop.

HP Pavilion X360 – Inexpensive 2 In 1 Laptops


Inexpensive 2 In 1 Laptops


  • Fast respond

  • Thin and lightweight

  • Ample storage space

  • Elegant panel and Attractive body

  • There is no backlight on the keyboard

  • Its fan produce some noise during working


It has always been difficult to get HP pavilions because of the high demand in the market. It has impressive specifications and exceptional features, so that makes sense. This laptop is equipped with an Intel Quad-Core i5 processor. Moreover, the RAM and SSD capacity are also included.

This HP laptop has the best specs but the weight is 3.53 pounds, which is not so easy to carry around. Instead, get something portable if you are a travel business person. The size of thig high end laptop under 700 is 12.7 x 8.8 x 0.8 inches and it is available in silver color.

You will also get a 15.6-inch IPS BrightView micro-edge WLED-backlit touchscreen over here. This is the ideal 2 in 1 laptop for under 700 dollars. Its other features include a 3.4 GHz processor, 128 GB Hard Drive, and 8 GB DDR4 RAM.

Moreover, It is incredibly thin and light. The Intel HD Graphics 620 and the vibrant colors and saturated display add to the drama. Your applications can run at the highest settings with more distinct pixels. The only downside is its fan noise as it produces some noise during working.

Asus VivoBook Flip 14 – Best Laptop Under 700 Dollars


Best Laptop Under 700 Dollars


  • High quality processor

  • Fast response

  • Budget friendly

  • Good battery life

  • Low resolution


As a 14-inch laptop, the Asus VivoBook Flip 14 offers a variety of specs and features. However, it is cheaper than the Lenovo Flex 14 despite not looking as pretty as it does. VivoBook Flip’s display quality isn’t quite as good as most of its competitors at this price point, but it’s better than most other models. According to the specs sheet, the display resolution is 1920 by 1080p.

The display is difficult to control in terms of colors. The bright areas are exaggerated. There is a lot of dark shadows. It is important to have a lot of contrast when controlling the color contrast. The majority of the students and those using the program at home will benefit from it, but not for productivity. Compared to Lenovo Flex 14, this device has a 221 nits lower maximum brightness.

The device has two types of processors. You can select one when purchasing the laptop. This model is a Celeron N4000 powered laptop. If buying a new laptop, the battery must be considered a serious option. The battery life of the VivoBook 14 was above average. Furthermore, it has a Core m3 processor. The performance will be fairly average.  The performance of this device is decent. A 2-in-1 laptop for under 700 dollars is half the price of this article.

A 70% screen brightness lasted approximately 7 hours and 30 minutes. The test consisted of hard and light tasks. The Asus VivoBook 14’s keyboard is about average. This keyboard has less key travel and shorter keys than most others.

Additionally, the keyboard does not have a backlight. Windows precision trackpad is quite good and works well. In general, it didn’t experience any issues, but some heavy loads affected it. Another downside includes the Images and videos sometimes blurry due to the resolution being 480p.

HP Envy x360 – Best Budget 2-in-1 Laptops


Best Budget 2-in-1 Laptops


  • Good IPS display

  • Sleek ergonomic design

  • Fingerprint security

  • Touchscreen

  • Easy to fold

  • Little bit expensive


The HP isn’t the least expensive laptop on our list, but it’s certainly a good choice if you need something tough. Those high-definition graphics will look fantastic on the laptop with AMD Radeon Graphics.

It is a great option for those who require a practical device and have access to touch screen features. This laptop does include an integrated HD webcam. Though we are unsure of the size and specifications of this webcam, it does offer HD quality recording, so you can make Skype calls and take pictures on your laptop with it.

This screen provides a crisp view of all the content you can watch or stream on a screen that offers the same functionality as a touchscreen device. It performs very well. With 8GB of DDR4 RAM, it can load large HD games and applications. A large touchscreen display of 15.6″ makes this laptop a perfect choice for everyone. There are 1920 x 1080 pixels on this screen, and it uses IPS anti-glare micro-edge technology, which WLED backlights.

You can also connect the laptop to other devices via wireless-AX and Bluetooth so that you can transfer content easily. This laptop is also equipped with a powerful AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Hexa-Core 2.3GHz Processor that offers up to 4.0GHz of performance. This laptop offers plenty of storage with its 256 GB hard drive and a multi-format SD media card reader. It also has a media drive for additional storage.

The Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system is extremely functional for office use and allows you to download an extensive list of apps so you can tailor your computer to suit your needs. The laptop has a three-cell battery, which lasts a long time, especially since it has a touch screen and is affordable.

Acer Chromebook Spin 311 – Cheap 2 In 1 Laptops


Cheap 2 In 1 Laptops


  • Lightweight and easy to carry

  • Last longer

  • Fast speed

  • Attractive design

  • Battery drains quickly


Among our list of 2-in-1 laptops, this one is the most affordable. In the dorm, it is a good choice for students who need a device within their budget and can be used for both studies and entertainment.

Chrome OS and a Full HD touch screen make this laptop very similar to a tablet. In the end, it just has more features because it offers a keyboard, card readers, and so on. The laptop runs Chrome OS, which is fantastic because you can install many apps for free and allow you to sync your information across multiple devices using your Google account.

The laptop has an HD display with a 360-degree hinge, making it easy to prop up for viewing movies and series. Gorilla glass is used on the screen and IPS technology, making it easy for users to swipe and touch it. The laptop is among the most durable laptops available today. Given its size and price, this laptop performs quite well.

The laptop has a 4GB RAM that keeps it in line with handling a wide range of apps, such as some larger ones, without any issues since the RAM is LPDDR4 rather than the slower LPDDR3. Despite that, this laptop stands out due to its faster 2.8 GHz Celeron Intel CPU. Even large HD apps will run smoothly on this laptop.

You can easily carry it anywhere because it weighs just 4.21 pounds—lithium-ion batteries power this laptop, which has a battery life of up to 10 hours. In any case, you should expect the laptop to last longer if you aren’t using it continuously or if it is in energy-saving mode.


We have reviewed the best 2 in 1 laptop under 700 that saves you precious time going through plenty of reviews and selecting the best for yourself, we have made this process easy for you. Due to the dynamic nature of this industry, we recommend you check out different products as well. In addition, the given list is not finite and does not imply bias. All given products are rigorously tested before they are made public.

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