What Kind Of Laptop Do I Have 2023- How To Find Out PC Model

what kind of laptop do i have

Do you want to know which laptop brand and model you have? You can identify your laptop if you do not know its model. You can usually locate the model number at the bottom of the logo at the top of the laptop. Many laptops require you to remove a small plate cover in order to discover the model number. A whole bottom cover may be removed in some cases. You can view all of the specifications related to your laptop if it is not marked with any markings using the Windows Control Panel. We have described the information about What Kind Of Laptop Do I Have?

You may need to check the model and specifications of your laptop for several reasons. If you want to upgrade your laptop, you may be comparing your old one with a new one. Perhaps you are comparing your laptop’s specifications to a video game’s specifications to determine if it is compatible with your computer. The model number and specs of a laptop are relatively easy to find whatever the reason

What Kind Of Laptop Do I Have?

When all you know is that this laptop works better than your last one, it can be a bit daunting to try to find your current model. We know you’re curious about what kind of laptop you have, but don’t worry. You’re not alone. Checking the bottom of your laptop or digging through the system information can be simple. But also involve a bit of difficulty, such as figuring out what model you have by flipping it over.

1. Flip your laptop and look at the bottom.

Your laptop’s keyboard can give you a good idea of what type of laptop you have. There should be a sticker on the bottom of your laptop that has a barcode or serial number. It usually includes the name of the product, but not always the brand of your laptop. Moreover, These details can be found somewhere on the product, usually the logo on your computer or embossed on another part of the product.

In addition to that, Older laptops may not have this sticker intact, meaning you’ll probably have to attempt some of the more complex methods described here to figure out what kind of laptop you’re using. The rest of the information should fill itself out if you simply Google the model of your laptop and the company’s name.

2. Check above your keyboard.

It’s possible that the information you’re looking for is right above or right where your palms rest on your laptop keyboard. A quick Google search may be all that it takes for you to find out what type of laptop you have.

Furthermore, The information on the laptop’s model had just been a sticker that had peeled off over time. It may not be as accurate as our method for determining laptop make and model number one. But here is not the end, there are other ways you can find out which laptop you have.

3. Check your order history.

Most people shop online almost exclusively. Despite the convenience of buying certain less expensive items locally, more and more people are shopping online. You can find a wider variety, find cheaper prices, and compare other shoppers’ opinions. This is especially helpful when buying tech products.

Additionally, Your laptop’s make and model is likely to be in your confirmation email or in your account. If you bought your laptop online, chances are your make and model are in your account on their website. Alternatively, you can check your email and find details on your machine’s model by logging in to the company’s website.

4. Use the control panel to identify your laptop.

Windows devices come with the Control Panel, which is a very useful program. Not only can it find out what kind of laptop you’re using, but it can also manage devices and printers.

The Control Panel can be reached by clicking on the magnifying glass on your taskbar after clicking the magnifying glass on a Windows 10 device. To find out which type of laptop you have, open the control panel and click on “System.”.

Besides this, You can find the Control Panel using the search function if you use a Windows 7 device. You can locate this under “System and Security” in the Control Panel window. When your system information is not listed in these areas, a quick check of the control panel should fix the problem. However, you could also try this.

5. Use Windows System Information to identify your laptop.

We have tried all other methods to find out what kind of laptop you own, but if you are still unable to identify it none of them will work. It can seem like drinking out of a firehose when you use this method since all the information about your device is shown. The document should provide you with all the information that you need if you read it carefully.

For Windows 10

Method 1:  Open Control Panel (type “Control Panel” into the search bar) > Click on “System”.

Method 2: Click on “System Information” > Find the field titled “System Model” (type “System Information” into the search field).

For Windows 8

Look for the field titled “Model” in Search (type “msinfo32” into the search bar) > Click the result “msinfo32” > View the results.

For Windows 7

Method 1: To access the System and Security control panel, click “System and Security” > Select “System”.

Method 2:  Choosing “System Information” from the results > Locating the “System Model” field by heading to “Search” > Entering “System Information” into the field

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need My Laptop Model?

If you do not know your laptop model, you can search online for drivers, or look for tech support from the manufacturer. This can be helpful if you are looking for a new laptop model. Moreover, if you want to be sure you are getting something even better than your existing laptop. Additionally, your laptop’s make and model will be useful if you decide to sell it, as most people will want to know before they purchase the laptop.

Why Can’t I Find My Laptop Model?

We listed above a variety of steps to try to resolve your problem. But if none of them work, please contact the company that makes your laptop for assistance. If you look over the top of your laptop, it will probably have a logo or something towards the top of the keyboard.

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Final Thought

At the end, you just have to follow the above process and you will know the answer of the confusion “what kind of laptop do i have.” It is always possible to take your laptop to an expert laptop technician if you are still unsure about the type of laptop you have. It is normally possible to find information about your laptop via the BIOS. You can access the BIOS of your laptop yourself, but doing so may result in serious problems. If you know what you are doing, or if this is your last resort, then it would be best to use this method.

Your laptop will eventually require specific details about its operation. This may mean upgrading to a new model or comparing your existing one to a new model. It is possible to contact customer service for insight about your laptop.

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