How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Serial Number 2023 [Trace]

how to track a stolen laptop with serial number

With the use of technology, finding our belongings has become more accessible. People can track a stolen laptop using the serial number and other methods of finding it because there are programs available for both.  Today we discuss How To Track a Stolen Laptop With Serial Number.

The serial number may be the most important thing, but we may not know it. You need to make sure that someone can’t use or sell your laptop if stolen! There are a few excellent programs out there that will make the process of reporting about a stolen and finding out where it is located easy.

How to track a stolen laptop with serial number?

The worst thing that could happen is that your laptop will be stolen or you will lose it. Your laptop will experience an error no matter how well you take care of it. You can track your stolen laptop without a laptop tracking device using the proper assistance, even when you cannot control some circumstances.

In case you lose your laptop, you should know how to locate it. This article covers how to track a stolen laptop with serial number as one of several steps you can follow to keep an eye on a stolen device. Because of this, you should take specific preventative measures. Your laptop should have a serial number, as should all your devices. The provider’s network receives serial numbers from your gadgets regularly, making it easy to identify them by glance.

If you contact your carrier to report your gadget stolen, you will not determine its location by its serial number. By just looking at it, they can identify the equipment.

When you submit a theft complaint, some manufacturing customer service departments may collect your serial number regardless of the terms of your hardware warranty. The police will also use such extensive details in substantiating their conclusions if you file a police report.

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Tracking of Stolen Laptop Using Serial Number

Even though laptops’ serial numbers primarily consist of numbers, they’re the primary means of identification. These are unique identifiers for each device. In addition to the police report, insurance claims, and pawnshop complaints are useful for identifying the person even if they cover only immediate identification.

If your laptop’s serial number is all you have, it is almost impossible to track it. Tracking software can usually use this information in conjunction with other information to locate the device.

Tracking of Stolen Laptop Using Mac Address?

Addresses of MAC address units consist of six groups of two characters or figures separated by hyphens. Go to utilities and start the terminal program if you want to find out your home address.

You can also use “Command + Shift + U.” It will display the MAC addresses of all network interfaces.

You should call a network administrator if you don’t know where your laptop is. As soon as it goes missing, they’ll have more knowledge and know-how to retrieve it.

  • To limit or prevent strangers from gaining access to a network, the administrator can use a process called MAC address filtering
  • Changing the IP address allows the administrator to track the connection’s location, letting them know when the device is no longer under your control

Tracking of Stolen Laptop Using IMEI number

An IMEI number is only found in cellular devices connected to notebooks and laptops, such as smartphones. It is impossible to categorize laptops as IMEI number carriers if they do not have an IMEI number.

It is possible to track the IP address of a wireless device if it has a working operating system and a 3G/4G modem, as long as the thief maintains the data plan and does not change the IMEI carrier. A specific IP address doesn’t identify a place in isolation, but you might know that area by looking at it.

What should I do if my laptop is stolen?

While some of the suggestions below may help you locate a lost device, we strongly recommend getting in touch with the police rather than confronting the thief at the scene.  You won’t know which exact door to pound upon based on the location provided by tracking services. In addition, you can never be sure what the thieves will do when challenged since they’ve already shown they aren’t precisely legally compliant.

How to find a lost windows laptop

As part of Windows devices, Microsoft offers a property called Find My Device. The operating system provides you the ability to locate your laptop if it goes missing since 2015.

  • When you click on account, select ‘updates and security. If you choose ‘update and security, you will be able to update and securing your PC. If you are connected, your information will appear at the top of the screen. It is necessary to log in if you aren’t already.
  • It is accessible from the sidebar menu under ‘Find My Device.’ Clicking on it will display updates and security alerts.
  • Depending on your settings, you will see ON or OFF
  • Putting the same button down again will turn it back on if it is off. For your Microsoft account to work, you need a computer running Windows 10.
  • The easiest way to sign in is to use your Microsoft account. How can you use your account now that you’ve logged in? If you’ve signed in with your account on a device that’s stolen or missing, select Find My Device from the list of your devices. Your device might not function if it isn’t turned on. A GPS device requires an internet connection to find a location’s precise location.
  • You can remotely lock your laptop by clicking the lock button.

Finding lost laptop using Gmail And DropBox with IP address

It was common to steal a laptop every 53 seconds before travel restrictions around the world. In light of this statistic, the question arises: is it possible to track a stolen laptop? You can follow a stolen laptop using several methods. While many users are not aware of this option, tracking your laptop is relatively easy with specific software. It’s possible to be unfamiliar with certain technical terms unless you’re a tech expert.

A person’s IP address determines their online identity. “Internet Protocols” include IP addresses. The internet address consists of multiple figures, but they are all unique, so it is called a signature. The addresses provide a means of communication between billions of people. As a result, it is nearly impossible to get large amounts of data without the Internet.

With Dropbox

  • It is easy to track a stolen laptop using its IP address. Check the settings of your recently visited website on a different device or notebook.
  • Log in with the recent login session list. Whenever the attacker turns on their laptop, Dropbox will automatically sync with them, mainly if an Internet connection is available. Gmail will automatically send a notification to your account.
  • You can log into Dropbox automatically because it’s a great choice. In the upper right corner, you will find the account symbol.
  • Then select Security from the Settings menu.
  • In your web browser, look for the information symbol next to the most recent activity column.

With Gmail

  • When a suspicious login occurs, Gmail alerts you with the location of the login. When this happens, it is best to start from the last known location.
  • You can find the details option in the bottom right corner of the web version when you go to Gmail. You can view all of your account’s recent activity by clicking on it. If you tap Show Details again, you can see your recent account activity and copy the IP address or link. You can’t pinpoint the device exactly, but you can identify the city, neighborhood, or even road in which it’s located.

What happens if a stolen laptop is the factory reset

When your laptop was stolen, you can recover your data if it was reset before it was stolen.

  • If you are tracking a device (ThinkPad, MacBook, Apple), you must install tracking software.
  • The service cost you paid must have been payment until it occurred.
  • The tracing system (allocated only to active customers) will use your information as long as it can identify you. As a result, you have various events depending on your software. Your computer sends information to a remote server when a criminal, for example, attempts to make use of the Internet on it.
  • You can also use surveillance software to take photos of the thief, send a warning message, and even remotely bypass firewalls so that you can link a location to continue the operation. The factory reset will allow you to perform all of these actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track a laptop with the serial number?

 Yes, with the right service, you can track your stolen laptop easily. You can no longer track down your lost hardware if you haven’t installed or registered the necessary service yet.

Can a stolen laptop be tracked?

If you wish to track your laptop, you must log in to your Microsoft account via the Microsoft website. Click Find my device under the name of the device you’d like to locate. So long as you’re online and the laptop is located, Microsoft will show you its approximate location.

Can I trace my stolen laptop if it’s been factory reset?

Unfortunately Not.  It is impossible for a thief to locate your computer if you have erased your hard drive or restored if back to its original factory settings. At this point, discovering my device in Windows 10 features many limitations. You can only use it to locate your PC.

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Final Thought

Whenever you use or own a gadget, you should consider all the necessary countermoves to ensure its safety. You can do all you can to get it back again if it is still stolen or snatched. Don’t panic if the worse happens, and take every step above. You may know that your laptop has been stolen when that horrible moment strikes. It may seem hopeless, but you can find lost devices using their serial number or IP address, which will help locate them and bring them back! So here is the detail on how to track a stolen laptop with serial number.

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