How Much Storage Should A Laptop Have 2023 [Harddrive Space]

how much storage should a laptop have

It is enough to have 1TB of storage if you primarily store documents and photos. You should have at least 2TB of storage space available on your laptop if you plan to keep many movies, games, or other large files on it. Do you really want to know How Much Storage Should a Laptop Have?

You can install as many games and applications as your laptop’s storage capacity allow.  It will limit the number of games you can install before running out of storage space if you do not have enough storage space.

How Much Storage Should A Laptop Have?

It is essential to know how much space your gaming laptop requires so that you won’t have to delete files earlier than expected. Additionally, you will not need to spend more on storage space for things you will never use.

Recommended Storage For A Gaming Laptop

You can now store files on your laptop in various ways, with laptops having varying amounts of storage capacity. As an optional addition to your laptop, you may also choose to buy external storage.

We’ll give you an overview of the various levels of storage your laptop can have. These details should help you understand how much storage you require.

Dell will offer 256GB of storage space in their XPS series laptops, premium laptops such as the Macbook, Thinkpad, and XPS. The amount of storage provided should be sufficient for many people for their regular use.

Most new laptops come with a 1TB hard drive, but this is not always necessary. The cloud is a much better option than the in-built storage of the laptop, especially if you choose a Chromebook or alternative operating system.

You won’t need much storage on your laptop if you plan to do simple things with your laptop.

If you’re going to store a lot of large files on your laptop, then you’ll likely need more storage space. The space required by a film on your laptop is usually between 1.5-2GB. On the other hand, a complete TV series could take up to 20GB of storage.

If you use Adobe programs, you will need at least 1GB of hard drive space. It takes little less than 2GB of space for Excel and Word together, and files inside them (such as Excel spreadsheets) can be significant too. It’s pretty easy to accumulate all of these different programs and files.

Storage space of 256GB is more than sufficient for most people. The amount of storage that this laptop comes with should be enough for most people as it is the minimum storage that most laptops come with nowadays.

In contrast, if you use a laptop and have tons of files, it may cause problems. If you plan on creating videos or designing websites, then you’ll need more storage than this. If you need more storage, you may consider a laptop that has 1TB or 512GB.

You can increase the storage capacity. It is at least possible to estimate the amount of storage needed.

It is impossible to find a laptop with the same storage capacity from person to person. People differ in their needs and data, so it varies from person to person. The storage required for text data by a student is the bare minimum. For keeping video files and high-resolution pictures and keeping text data, a professional needs heavyweight storage.

SSD or HDD – What’s better?

If you need a fast drive, SSD is a good choice. You get flawless performance because of the microchips that store the data. As a result, flash chips are power efficient, so there are fewer drive failures or low speeds.

HDDs offer more storage but also noise and are cheaper. Several parts move while it is operating, causing the noise. When your attention is focused on a very important task, you won’t enjoy it. The sound is also awkward. Additionally, if the device is dropped, it could stop working. A traveling person should not carry an HDD.

Storage Is Based on Usage Of Laptop

A student or regular user won’t need a lot of space on their laptop. If you want to go with a solid-state drive, you can be happy with a 128-GB laptop or 256-GB laptop at the most. The storage space available on this device allows you to store documents, send emails, and do regular gaming as well. Nevertheless, this laptop is not designed for gaming; you can play traditional games only.

For a solid-state drive to hold all the data you need, such as media files or photos, you will need at least 512GB of storage space. Students can easily find out which laptop is being targeted with this storage.

Recommended Size Of SSD

It is also helpful for gaming laptops and storing heavy files with one terabyte of storage so that you can install many applications with it. As well as running multiple programs and heavy files, 2TB will also work well. If you play serious duty games or run serious programs, you may need another drive.

For professionals, there is also 4TB of storage. A good choice if you have a lot of high-resolution pictures or if you are a creative professional.

How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop?

It would be best to stay away from storage of more than 12GB since it will not be enough to handle all of your tasks. There will be no regular work you can do on the storage.

So, if you are a regular user, you ought to have at least 256GB of storage. Streaming and basic applications are both possible with it. Your high-quality pictures, videos, or lengthy programs may be included.

Therefore, a 512 GB SSD is required for multitasking. In addition, it can be helpful if you are not content with only relying on cloud storage. There are several games you can install at once.

It is also possible to edit podcasts and influence tasks using the program. It can also be used as an assignment tool without having to upload media files to cloud storage.

In my opinion, this 512GB is worth it if you have a modest budget. The storage needs to be upgraded later to provide more capacity. You will work more professionally if you do this. A laptop with expandable storage might be something you should consider.

Storage Requirement for Gaming Laptops

When learning about storage, it is important to understand what your usage is at its highest? Gaming or creative users cannot get by with a student’s laptop. A gaming laptop should have at least 1TB of storage if you want to play games. It will enable you to work creatively as well as to tackle longer projects. There will be no problem with space running out as well.

However, if your goal is to use this laptop for gaming, you’ll need a decent graphic card. Also, your budget needs to be flexible.

Recommended RAM For Windows 10

Windows 10 requires 4GB of RAM as a minimum requirement for laptops. It is the least amount of storage needed. A Windows 10 laptop that will be used for editing or graphics design requires 8GB-16GB of RAM.

You can expand the storage on many 8GB laptops. The performance of this system is flawless, so it has been chosen as an editor’s pick. Moreover, it will allow you to model 3D objects using CAD and process 4K video. Consequently, this RAM will meet the demands of both your home and professional teams.

What can you do with SSD capacities?

The information above will allow you to determine how much storage your laptop needs. However, if you are still uncertain about it, check out the details about how much storage you will need for what? There will be no more questions left after reading this guide.

It is never ideal to choose a capacity that is anywhere between 30-32GB. If you choose Windows 10, you need not worry about it. We recommend a 60-64GB capacity for keeping a few programs and streaming a few videos. Maintaining an excellent internet connection is essential for an online storage system. Additionally, it takes a long time to browse the web.

You can run games, and a few programs run on storage devices up to 128GB. However, It is still necessary to have additional online storage. If you install an operating system, the operating system will run on 250-256GB. It is helpful for streaming but cannot be used for professional purposes. A gaming laptop should have a second drive if it has 500-512GB. In addition to those best gaming laptops under 600, few other laptops will work nicely for your task.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 512GB sufficient storage for your laptop and you?

This storage is sufficient if you aren’t buying a gaming laptop or not the creative type. Because the CPU needs 5GB of memory to run a high-quality game, and the display requires 1GB of memory. You can store media files, spreadsheets and stream movies with no problem.


You should consider your data storage needs before investing in SSD storage. There is no denying that video and game files take up more storage space than text data and music files. After reading complete guide, you will learn how much storage should a laptop have.

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