How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost 2023 [Replacement Price]

Laptops’ batteries play an essential role in making them portable and convenient. Laptop batteries provide the power for the electronic device and make it popular with people enthusiastic about digital life on the go. The laptop battery is bound to lose its usefulness over time, regardless of the brand and model, and this is when you have to learn  How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost?

How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost

The price ranges from $20-$200 depending on the type of laptop, the particular battery being bought, and its condition. In that sense, it is impossible to determine the actual cost of replacing a laptop battery without knowing specific points.

In addition, You have several options: purchasing a brand new battery to using a used model, or even cloning a battery for an ultra-low price. The manufacturer will sell them to you, or you can buy them on some marketplaces.

Thus, you can find many factors that influence the cost of a good laptop battery. Considering all these factors will help you select the rental with the greatest return on your investment.

What Determines Laptop Battery Costs?

Battery pieces always come with a specific number. On the list provided by the seller, you’ll find an itemized list of all these numbers, including the laptop battery price. In technical terms, the numbers indicate measurements of mAh, Watts, Voltage, and Cells. Learn more about them through these resources.

mAh (Milliamp Hours)

Batteries can store a certain amount of energy. The capacity of your battery directly affects this particular term. Moreover,  It depends on the mAh rating of the battery, whether it lasts longer or shorter. In comparison, a battery with a 3000 mAh capacity lasts approximately half as long as one with a 5500 mAh capacity.  Also, It is more expensive to purchase a higher mAh rating.

Despite this, Many commercial batteries available in the market offer a greater capacity than those manufactured by the manufacturer. The price for these battery packs can be comparable to the price of a new battery for your device.

Whr (Watt Hour)

The amount of energy a laptop consumes per hour is indicated by this term. Make sure that you pay attention to the ratings of each type of device and computer peripheral.  Furthermore, It was calculated that it consumed energy in an hour.

For an hour, one watt of electricity is consumed. 1Whr would be equal to 1 Watt.  Moreover, The higher watt-hour rating of laptops means that their batteries need to be larger, affecting their prices.

Voltage (V)

It takes a certain amount of electricity to run your laptop. Voltage is the unit of measurement for this volume. Battery voltage ratings vary from one manufacturer to another, but this does not prevent your device from operating normally. The good news is that several versions of a battery may come in different voltage ratings, but all have essentially the exact specifications, which helps to estimate the price.

Number of Cells

In the context of battery comparison, you may have heard of batteries with 4 cells, 6 cells, or 9 cells. A model with 9 cells provides about 50% more capacity than one with 6. For example, a model with 8 cells creates about seven times more powerful than one with 6. It may seem easy, but it isn’t technically possible.

If you want to compare laptop batteries, you have to multiply mAh by voltage, which results in milliwatts, a mathematical operation. With a 7.4 V battery rated at 3100 mAh, you should get plenty of power, which is 23,140 milliwatt hours. You can calculate milliwatt hours by multiplying mAh by the voltage to compare laptop batteries.

Furthermore, There are always a few differences in the power requirements among laptop models, so these calculations are not always 100% accurate. In addition, the powers of a laptop’s operating system, hardware, and accessories aren’t the same.

The higher the Whr rating, the heavier the battery and the higher its capacity. Despite the similar form factor, 9-cell batteries are generally more severe and more powerful than 6-cell ones.

To understand how battery cells operate, you should take into account several factors.

  • The voltage in a 3.6V or 3.7V cell is the same as 3.6V or 3.7V.
  • A total of two cells rated at 3.6 Volts or 3.7 Volts each is equivalent to 7.2V or 7.4V.
  • The voltage of the three cells is 10.8V or 11.1V, respectively.
  • The four cells should equal 14.4V or 14.8V each when rated at 3.6V or 3.7V.

Laptop Battery Price by Brands

This brief overview shows how battery prices differ by laptop brand. There may be some variations in prices depending on factors such as models and other conditions. We have provided the prices of original manufacturers’ products herein. Moreover, You can find these products in different markets for 20%-50 percent less than here.

  • Batteries for Acer laptops cost $50 to $110 when new, while the old ones cost $20 to $50.
  • The battery for an Asus laptop has a price range between $55 and $120, and an old battery is $25 to $60.
  • Battery for Dell laptops costs $80 to $130. An older battery costs $30 to $70.
  • HP laptop batteries cost from $50 to $140 for a brand-new battery. An older model costs between $20 and $60.
  • The price range for a Lenovo laptop battery is $30 to $200 for a new battery and $25 to $70 for an older battery.
  • A Toshiba laptop battery cost is $45 to $95 for a new version and $15 to $30 for an older version.

Cost of New MacBook Battery

The battery replacement service from Apple begins at $129 for a replacement. Apple’s official website mentions the device’s price as starting at $199. Despite this, you can still find alternative versions for a much lower price ($50 to $100). In addition to that, These products may fit MacBooks, but there is no guarantee that they will offer excellent performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it worth replacing the laptop battery?

Does the average laptop battery only last one to two years? Your laptop battery must eventually be replaced no matter how well it is taken care of. The battery still works in even a 2-year-old computer.

Are the laptop batteries expensive?

Readers will experience sticker shock when they learn how much laptop batteries cost. Depending on the power pack model, prices can range from $100 to more than $200. Some are priced at $150. A new laptop can now be purchased for as little as $300, and that’s quite a deal.

How much does a laptop battery last?

What is the battery life of a laptop? Batteries last about 1,000 charges on average over two to four years. A laptop battery’s life is determined by a few factors: The material of the battery, the voltage, and the temperature.

Final Thought

In the end, The manufacturers’ batteries aren’t all that perfect, so you need to be a little bit practical. Some of those products may have a higher capacity and be less expensive. You may opt to purchase one after checking the full specifications and stop wondering, “how much does a laptop battery cost?”

However, a low price cannot be the only factor you consider. There are many dishonest sellers in places like that who will not tell you the truth. Don’t give in to the temptation to find an appropriate laptop battery; rely on the information you have acquired from this article. For more information click here.

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