How To Check HP Laptop Model Number 2023 [Find Out PC Type]

How To Check HP Laptop Model

It is easily accessible from the Start menu. After pressing OK, a window will appear where you must type “msinfo32”. After doing so, you will be able to access the Windows System Information utility. Click the “Start” button and type “HP” into the search bar on the window to find out everything you need to know about your HP laptop. The displayed results will allow you to select “HP Support Assistant.” The Support Assistant window displays your model number at the bottom. Laptopsadviser will guide you on How To Check HP Laptop Model.

Laptops used for work are frequently used, and at some point, they will require repair. If you are one of those people, then laptops are used frequently and will eventually need repairs. It may be necessary to purchase particular parts for your laptop. You need to know what model you own to choose the right parts. Because HP laptops are the most common ones for people who use them for work, we will discuss how to check the model of HP laptops.

How To Check HP Laptop Model

If you need help, you can contact HP’s support team. This service provides complete information about your HP laptop rapidly and efficiently. With the help of the software, you will resolve all your laptop-related doubts and concerns. It will display the model number and other information related to it once you access this.

It is also possible to check the model number on your laptop’s removable battery. The battery comes with a label with information on it. Consequently, you’ll see a model name and number displayed on a P/N sign. A soft surface can help prevent scratches on a laptop when turned upside down.

How To Check HP Laptop Model?

Button Side of Laptop

There is a panel on the bottom of the device with the model number and other information. Flip your laptop over and place it on a cushion that is clean and soft. You can find the label within the case (perhaps white or silver). You’ll find the P/N prefix on my attached sticker. This prefix tells you your laptop’s model number.

On The Battery Compartment’s Inside

It’s also a good idea to look inside the compartment where the batteries are stored. When you invert the laptop, you’ll find the battery compartment near the screen hinge. You may need to push the lever to take out the battery and lift it gently upon the battery or sticker (white or silver) in the container to detach it. You need to note the number that follows the “P/N” prefix.

The Laptop’s Bottom Casing

You can find the model number and name beneath the battery if you cannot locate the model name. There is a bottom panel on the device that needs to be opened. Detach the battery and switch off the device to accomplish this. You will need to loosen all the screws on the case’s exterior. The left-hand corner of the laptop displays information and specifications. You will need the “P/N” prefix and the following number. Inspect the screw holes and install the screws.

Utilizing system data

It is also possible to identify the HP laptop model by looking at the System Information page. You can access the HP System Information window by pressing “FN-Esc.” This window will display a lot of information, but the most important thing to look for is the “Product Number” line.

On the figure, a “#” sign will appear, which is somewhat different from a model number, but it provides all the information that the maintenance service or manufacturer requires.

Use of HP Support Assistant

HP Support Assistant, which comes pre-installed on your computer, can help you quickly identify the model of your device. To use “Support Assistant”, click the “start” button on Windows, then enter “HP” into the “Search” field. The screen will display your HP laptop’s model number and other relevant details.

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Frequently Asked Question

Where can I find the product key on my HP laptop?

Then, click View your product ID in the search results after typing Product ID in the search box on the taskbar. If necessary, you can click System, then select About by pressing the Windows + I keys.

How do I check the specs of my laptop?

You can find the laptop make and model, the operating system, RAM specifications, and processor model by right-clicking on the Start button, selecting “Computer” from the menu, and selecting “Properties.”

What is a 6 digit extension code in an HP laptop?

You can send and receive files in Send Anywhere by using this six-digit key. You can generate the key by selecting your files and pressing Send. One key is only valid for 10 minutes and can be used only once.

Final Thought

Well, it has become important to learn how to check hp laptop model . For several reasons, you should double-check the laptop specifications and model. To determine if you can play a particular video game, you can check your laptop’s specs against its specifications. Your computer’s model number is not only used for quick repairs but also for acquiring accessories, batteries, chargers, and other components. You can find out a laptop’s model number and specifications no matter what the reason is. One can quickly identify their laptop’s model by following the above steps.

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