How To Switch On Keyboard Light In HP Laptop 2023 [Settings]

how to switch on keyboard light in hp laptop

Your Windows 10 keyboard probably doesn’t have a backlit feature because the Settings app has turned off. It’s just a matter of finding and adjusting the settings. Look for the F5 button on the top bar of your HP notebook computer if it has a backlit keyboard. Perhaps a backlight icon can be attached to this button. If you want to learn How To Switch on Keyboard Light in HP Laptop you will get the complete guide here.

The majority of modern laptops feature backlighting so that you can type in low light. Backlight illumination is one of the most convenient features on keyboards. However, this feature does not work often. You may not need a keyboard to solve the problem with your laptop if that’s the case. See how to manage the backlighting on your Windows 10 keyboard by reading on.

How To Switch on Keyboard Light in HP Laptop

The laptop’s keyboard may be difficult to see when you travel at night or attend a presentation in a dimly lit environment. In certain HP Pavilion laptops, the keyboard has an illuminated backlight beneath it. In most models, the left side of the space bar is usually adorned with a lighted keyboard icon. It is possible to quickly and easily type letters, compose emails, or complete projects without turning on the room lighting. There may be several ways to turn on your laptop’s backlight, depending on its model.

Windows 10 Backlit Keyboard Adjustments

With Windows 10, you can enable and adjust keyboard backlights in several different ways. Your Windows laptop’s specific make and model will determine the options available. The first is through the Windows Mobility Center, while the second is through an installed application on your laptop. Let’s take a look at them.

By using the Windows Mobility Center

The first method involves visiting the Windows Mobility Center under the Control Panel and then activating the backlight. As a result, the following steps must be taken:

  • Start by clicking the Start button and searching for Control Panel.
  • Look for the Mobility Center tab in the Control Panel once the window opens.
  • You can find this section under Hardware and Sound.
  • The Windows Mobility Center offers a few options. Activate the keyboard backlight by moving the slider to the right under the Keyboard backlight tab.
  • By clicking the tab, you will be able to access further options. Select the desired brightness for your keyboard lighting.
  • The keyboard’s backlight will automatically shut off at the chosen time. You can disable the automatic shut-off of the backlight when your computer is idle by selecting options such as Never off or Five seconds to 15 minutes,
  • Once you have finished making the changes, click OK.

By Using Native App

You can control keyboard backlight brightness with native apps on most laptops. It is always a good idea to check the system if you can’t determine if you have such an app. You can find your good laptop’s name by typing the name into your browser’s search bar. You should be able to find the setting just by typing in Enable Keyboard Backlight Windows 10 into your browser.

Laptop keyboard backlight Control

Your laptop keyboard should have the “Fn” key and the directional arrows. By holding down the “Fn” key you can move the directional arrow keys in any direction. The light should dim or brighten after each keypress.

Turning on backlit keyboard Windows 10 Lenovo

The keyboard backlight can not be illuminated when notebook computers come back from sleep mode, hibernate, or when Windows updates occur. When you use the Fn + Space bar on the keyboard, you can turn on or off the backlight. Press and hold the FN key, then press and hold the Spacebar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn on the keyboard light on my HP laptop?

When using a notebook computer with a backlit keyboard, you can turn the light on and off by pressing F5 or F4 (in some models). A simultaneous press of the fn (function) key might be necessary.

How do I turn my keyboard light on?

By pressing Fn + Space, you can turn on or off the keyboard’s backlight. You can choose from three keyboard backlighting modes: off, low, high. Changing the keyboard backlight modes is as easy as pressing Fn + Spacebar.

How do I know if my laptop has a backlit keyboard?

The F10, F6, or right arrow key are the easiest keys to identify if you have a backlit keyboard. The illuminated keys on your computer do not show if one of these keys is missing.

Final Thought

After reading “how to switch on the keyboard light in HP laptop”, you will become able to work in a dark area. The keyboard backlight feature is automatically disabled on some laptops when Windows 10 is installed. This is an unusual phenomenon, but by following the simple instructions outlined above you will be able to turn it on at any time and choose what brightness level you wish. You can complete the process in a few minutes or less. Typing in low light is now easy. To change your keyboard’s backlight brightness, what method do you use? Your laptop’s keyboard lights are bright and how long does the auto-shutdown period last? Let us know how you did it in the comments section below.

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